Unique Tandem Flights in Greece Fokida

Flying with a paraglide is a unique and unforgettable experience that makes us feel like birds.

It was the dream of humanity, and we’re meeting this dream in many myths as Ikarus and Dedalus, flying rags, magic brooms, etc.

tandem flight greece fokida

Today is time to live this dream with an invention that takes you to the skies without the need for the machine and the noise that this produces.

Tandem Flights in Greece Fokida

tandem flight greece fokida

Flying with this current rag is like you are becoming a part of the sky. Feeling the air on your face, smelling the forests under your feet, traveling slowly close to the terrain watching the caves on steep rock faces, sometimes covered with snow. Flying next to birds looking for their food or just flying for fun, passing over mountain peaks, islands, ancient ruins, cities, and generally having an optical angle that no one else can have but the birds.

tandem flight greece fokida

Today you can fulfill the dream of humanity and make this dream come true.

tandem flight greece fokida

Tandem Paragliding Flights

It is possible for anyone to fly with a paraglide without the need to learn how to fly.

tandem flight greece fokida

This can happen with a two-seat paraglide that an experienced pilot can take you safely to the skies with him.

tandem flight greece fokida

So it is possible to spend some time of your day to get this indescribable experience and to continue your vacation for the rest of the day or with another activity.

tandem flight greece fokida

Flying over different places gives you mixed feelings.

If flying with a paraglide is so lovely by itself, imagine how much more will be if you are flying over or beside a unique scenery as high mountains, high vertical rock faces, ancient ruins and paths, caves, forests, lakes, seashores, and islands, or just two meters in front of beautiful cities.

That is why flying in the famous area of Parnassos, and its surroundings make the experience much better!!

There are several takeoffs in the region that offer different views and pictures.

Here is a list from some of them:

tandem flight greece fokida

Flying over Arahova

To the east, it is possible to go more than 2000m high and have the opportunity to fly next to the mountain. That comes with flying next to vertical rock faces and scenery that reminds the dolomites strongly in Italian Alps. Plus to experience astonishing views from the south part of Parnassos mountain and Korinthiakos golf at the same time.

To the west, you will pass over rock crests with caves, before meeting the famous Delphi ancient ruins. You will fly over them, having the magical view of the gulf of Itea before your eyes, at all times.

Flying over Itea

You will be able to enjoy views over the beaches of that beautiful area, and the tiny islands of the Itea’s golf in turquoise color sea waters. A flight that makes you feel like Jonathan, the seagull.

tandem flight greece fokida

Flying over Galaxidi

You will enjoy the view from Galaxidi’s gulf with the tiny islands ahead and the traditional picturesque Galaxidi itself.

Flying from Amfissa

You will be able to fly over the unique, ancient, and more prominent olive tree grove in Greece with the sea at the end of your view.

Flying over Ag. Efthimia village in the east Giona

You will have the chance to fly high altitudes and significant distances for a long unforgettable safari of thermal clouds allowing you to travel north-south the mountain range, experiencing perfect views of high peaks, the lake of Mornos to the west and the Gulf of Itea to the south at the same time!

 Cross Country Flight Courses

The region of Parnassos and Giona mountain ranges in municipality of Fokida, with their 2500 height, is ideal for cross country flying and they have proved it in all the previous years with fantastic flights that have to make the Greek paragliding community envy them and have attracted many pilots from all over Greece to come here for repeating them.

The Fokida region has a high potential of cross country flying by giving you the chance to take off early and fly a lot or having time to enjoy the sea or do other things the rest of the day, to go fast and efficiently to the base, which is more than usually 2700-3500 m high, making easily significant and multiple distances, flying even in the wintertime with good thermals, with many different takeoffs that facing different directions of wind, that make very rare not to operate and with the extraordinary possibility that you can finish your flying day landing next to a beach and swim just like if you were flying in an island. Still, with options, you meet only on an inland.

With all these under the belt, the region is a flying paradise that combines different flying routes, along with your vacations by the beach or skiing and flying the rest of the day in the wintertime.

So pilots who want to fly their first long flights will be advised and helped to make their dreams come true in a region that will give them more than great flights. For example, spending some time by a beautiful beach the rest of the day, looking to the mountains they have just flown, or visiting the Delphi archaeological site that they have just flew over minutes ago.

The pilots that will choose to make cross-country courses they have to know that Ioannis Xiros, who runs the sessions is paragliding since 1994, is two times Greek champion for 2012 and 2013, and many times League cup winner. He is a member of the Greek national team from 2008 and the author of the only Greek book for learning to fly with a paraglide.

He is flying the region for many years and has “open” many different flying routes in the area.

Training for Tandem Flights in Greece

tandem flight greece fokida

It happens very frequently that people who flew a tandem flight to want more than this and to become pilots too. So if this comes to your willingness after a tandem flight, it will be our pleasure to teach you how to fly yourself safely.

The training schedule depends on everyone’s character and talent and, of course, from the weather conditions. Safety is our priority, and we offer excellent conditions and the latest technology equipment for the students.

The training will lead to a pilot that will see his dream come true and will feel the happiness of winning the gravity, and this will appear in his smiling face at the end of the training course.

You need to experience this in all these areas of Fokida, Greece.

— Article provided by Ioannis Xiros. Contact the organizers.

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