Where Will Students Travel the Most in 2021?

Almost all students like traveling and exploring the world when they are not overburdened with lectures and assignments. In fact, we think that it should be a must that all students travel.

Travel addicted teenagers like gathering in large companies and reach new destinations together. In the post below, we’ll review the top places that students like visiting.


It is the most popular country for students travel from around the world. Italy is a magnificent place that offers tons of interesting attractions. Incredible history, architectural masterpieces, enticing viewing spots, fashion, and great cuisine are presented there. 

Even though Italy is associated with expensive and luxurious for students traveling, it can be quite affordable for students who have limited budgets. Some hostels bring the opportunity to stay for one night in a dorm room for less than 20 euros. 

Visiting a local food shop, students can find packed meat, cheese, and salads for one euro only. Anyway, all tourists are obliged to order a pizza in Italy. Also, you have to try local pasta, coffee, and desserts.


Spain is the second popular country that undergraduates choose to spend a weekend in. It is a country that doesn’t let students get bored. In mere words, there are three main locations that teens visit in the country. 

Madrid is the first one. It is a large metropolis with a royal past. There are a lot of great places to visit and hang out with friends. Also, the city offers a great opportunity to practice Spanish as a very low number of locals speak English. 

However, Barcelona and Ibiza are the most visited spots by students. Both these cities allow resting on a beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, the lively nightlife is the primary reason why teenagers head to these cities. Also, Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for sightseeing.


France is one of the most visited countries by undergraduates. Since a lot of students learn French as a second language, they never miss the opportunity to visit the country and practice their speaking skills. All students make stunning shots near the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum.

Also, they buy a croissant with a mug of tasty coffee. Even though there are a lot of different cities, Paris is the most visited one by teenagers.

Great Britain

Students from all over the world like visiting Great Britain for a few days. It’s a very expensive country for traveling. Moreover, most students have to apply for a visa.

However, a trip to this country can bring a lot of unforgettable emotions. International students spend half of their lives learning English from books and strive to visit the country where it originated.

The majority of student-travelers spend their trips in London only. Having a vast budget and a large amount of spare time, don’t hesitate to visit the top British cities like Liverpool and Manchester. They are vibrant and are driven by youth.


Students also like spending summer days lying on a beach and having parties at night.

Costa Rica is a perfect spot for students in Central America. Lying in hammocks in Costa Rica, students enjoy their time that is free of any responsibilities. Also, students travel in the jungle, do snorkeling, and swim in waterfalls.


Undergraduates frequently choose Brazil for their teen-trips. It’s not the cheapest country in Latin America. However, it has what to offer to students.

Heading to Rio, students can explore one of the largest cities in Latin America. Moreover, they can rest on the Copacabana Beach, visit favelas, hike in the jungle, and make stunning snaps of the Christ the Redeemer statue.


Turkey is also on the list of the most visited countries by teen-travelers. The country links Europe and the Middle East. It offers affordable rest to students from all around the world.

Students can rest on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea or explore old cities like Istanbul. Also, students can treat themselves with Turkish delight, which is popular all around the world.


This country in South Asia is very famous for its tropical beaches, unique fruits, and the jungle.

Thailand offers cheap rest to students from different countries. Undergraduates can swim in warm and clean water. Also, they can explore the jungle and hand-feed wild monkeys who like getting treats from people. However, it’s vital to be cautious as they can steal your smartphone or wallet

Tips for Students Travel

Most students are open to adventures and spontaneous trips. It’s great as unplanned trips are the most remarkable.

However, it’s vital to plan your budget if you don’t want to get in trouble, especially if you want to pay someone to do your homework and don’t think about assignments during your vacation.

Deciding to visit a particular place, you always need to plan travel, housing, and food expenses. Also, you ought to have a backup credit card or cash.

Lastly, don’t neglect to take care of your home security.

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