Shay Mitchell’s Greek Video: Between Mykonos and Santorini Greece

What happens when an actress like Shay Mitchell can’t decide which Greek island is best? Is it Mykonos or maybe it is Santorini (read about all the things to do in Santorini)?

Shay Mitchell visited both this summer (2017) so she could have a personal opinion.

Do you know the differences? Do read this interesting article.

With a video diary that already hits 1.2 million views (!) she showcases both islands along with some Shay Mitchell beauty! She even tried skinny dipping.

Apparently the well known actress who participates in the long TV series of Pretty Little Lies found the crystal clear waters looking like a postcard.

Well, that is not a secret since lots and lots of actors and celebrities around the world visit Greece frequently and -as you know- Tom Hanks is just one of them. They all adore the crystal waters, great food and the variety of activities.

We think they also adore the sense of hospitality and of free spirit one can experience in Greece.

Both islands have great beaches. Read about the Santorini beaches and Mykonos beaches.

What Shay Mitchell thinks of these 2 islands

We believe that Shay Mitchell perfectly labeled both islands as Mykonos being a “party island”, while Santorini to be a “resting/relaxing” one.

Indeed Santorini is not famous for wild nights and days like Mykonos.

These islands, despite both being in the Cyclades complex, are completely different.

In fact every single island in the Cyclades offers completely different experiences to its visitors.

Each one of the Cycladic Greek islands has something that it’s “sister” islands don’t have.

If you are going well with being exposed to sun, do follow Shay Mitchell’s example and rent a hog bike (watch the video). Many Greek islands are easy to experience with such, as there are lots of beaches not easily approached. It will be either by foot or with such bikes.

Generous application of sun screen is strongly advised of course.

Enjoy the video and book your next holidays in Greece.

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