Serifos Greece

This small Cycladic island of Serifos is founds between Kythnos Island and Sifnos island, in Western Cyclades, 73 n. miles away from Piraeus.

“Naked” hills interrupted by small valleys, underground rich in iron ore – which was explained until the middle of the last century – exquisite beaches as well as small secluded bays, is what in general terms comprises the Serifos island.

General Information

What you see first, approaching the harbor of Serifos, is Livadi – the port – with typical white Cycladic houses. It is the most living place of the island where you can find picturesque small restaurants and cafe by sea, as well as gift shops anf mini markets, all easily approachable on foot.

Being at Livadi, if you survey back, you can see the impressive Chora Tow hitched on mountain. It 5 km away from Livadi and it it really worth visiting it either by the local buses or on foot, following the big path starting from Livadi (Our proposal though is to go up to Chora be vehicle and come down on foot, using the path).

There you can walk through its narrow streets ending up to the remnants of the Castle with the breath-taking view to the Aegean.

Where it is time to think about swimming,¬† you will face a lot of excellent alternatives. “Lia”, “Ag. Sostis”, “Psili Ammos” and “Ag. Ioannios” are exquisite beaches in the eastern part of the island, where you can go following the direction for “Psili Ammos”.

If you take south road, you will discover the magnificent seaside of “Vayia”, “Ganema”, “Koutalas” and “Mega Livadi”, in southwestern part of the island. Another really worth swimming beach is “Sykamia”, to the north, and those who love adventure, the beaches of “Kalo Ambeli” would be their ultimate choice, in southern part, on the way for Vayia, Ganema etc. (This road is not accessible by road).

Considered you have a car with you (or a moped), the access to the beaches of the island is a more or less easy case.

If you do not though, then you have limited choices, as the local buses go only to Koutalas, Ganema and Mega Livadi in the southwest part of the island, passing through Chora anf other island mountain villages, as well as to Psili Ammos and Ag. Ioannios in the western part of the island.

In that case try to double check the departure an return runs of the buses (The timetable is found in the entrance of the small yacht port at Livadi, from where the buses depart).

Sightseeing Serifos Greece

  • Churches like St. Athanassios at Chora, built in the 19th century.
  • The Folklore Museum and the archeological Collection at Chora.
  • The dominating neoclassical building of the old iron-minerals` headquarters of Mega Livadi.
  • The remnants of the old iron mine rise at Koutalas bay and Mega Livadi.
  • The “Taxiarchis” monastery near Galani village in the northwest part of the island, which was built during the 17th century (it would be wise of you to arrange first before visiting the monastery, as there is only one monk there!).
  • The church of Virgin Mary(Panagia) in Panagia village, built around 950 – 1000 A. D. In the point we would like to mention to you the local traditional fests that take place in some certain dates of the year(celebrations` eves) and it would be an unforgettable experience for you or could go(provided you are found that time in the island).
  • The Holy Spirit`s (Penticost) fests, it takes place on Penticost eve of Ag. Triada church, in the western part of the island near Mega Livadi village.
  • The St. Panteleimonas` fest: on the 26th July at Chora.
  • The fest of the Saviour: on the 5th of August at the Saviour`s church near beach of Kalo Ambeli.
  • The Madonna`s fests that take¬† place on the 14th of August in two places: at Ramos` Madonna`s church and at Panagia` village.
  • The Ag. Sostis` fest; it takes place on the 6th of September at the most picturesque church by the sea of Ag. Sostis beach.

Serifos is a wonderful island and there are a lots of outdoor/adventure activities to do there. Come and visit… or better…., come and get the Serifos experience!

(We would like to thank Serifos Scuba Divers for their article and my photos 1000+ for their photos)


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