The secrets of Ancient Greek theaters

…Or a reason to visit all Ancient Greek theaters! Perhaps you have already seen pictures of the Ancient Greek theaters. They are of great importance and part of Greece’s history. Some of them are active and many festivals are organized there until today. They are famous for their acoustics. For example, you can stand in the middle of the stage and simply whisper something and someone at the top stair, at the highest level will hear it! Ancient acoustics technology. But where did it came from?

Well, recent studies have shown that a number of vessels that helped sound to bounce were places under the stairs of the auditorium (this was evidenced through recent excavations at Dion). But where they placed by random order? Actually not!

These pots were placed in a specific way following a mathematical calculation and were also divided according to the fourth, fifth, eighth and eighth double music scale and the resonances in the different notes. So when the actors spoke in the same tone the vessels were causing the resonance to become stronger and clearer. But what was the math behind all that? What else but the ones of the well known ancient mathematician Pythagoras.

The theaters were also constructed in a very specific way which was influenced by the acoustics science. Each theater was constructed in a way to reflect and bounce the voice and sound in a way that made it more vibrant and clear even to the last top seats.

Now you know that next time you will visit Greece, you will do your research and visit these monuments after have done your own digging in the acoustic science of these ancient miracles.

Have a look at these amazing photos from Ancient Greek theaters

More photo credits: D. Swift, Simisa, Leonidtsvetkov, Flammingo

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  1. They truly are amazing. have read about the acoustics and how advanced they were even now.

  2. Can only imagine what it must have been like to attend a performance in surrounding such as the picture above,


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