Sea Kayaking Messinia Greece

Have you ever done Sea Kayaking in Messinia, Greece?

Nowhere else in Greece, the authentic Mediterranean landscape can be represented so clearly as in Messinia (especially for Sea Kayaking), maybe the most beautiful region of the Peloponnese.

Being just 2.5 hours by car from Athens with an International Airport operating all year round is an ideal destination for holidays and tours.

Explore Messinia, a company specializing in guided tours and traveling, welcomes you and invites you to explore the region through organized tours and outdoor activities.

Live your own unique paddling experience to the most beautiful coastal routes.

Explore the marine and coastal natural environment and discover the sights of each area in the unique way that only a sea kayak can offer.

Fully trained sea kayak guides with all the necessary equipment of the latest technology accompany you safely through organized tours along the Messinian coastline.

Their tours take place in the areas of Mani on the eastern side of the region, the bay of Navarino on the western side, and Kalamata in the center and can be categorized as follows:

Sea Kayaking Messinia Half Day Tours

Covering a distance of five to six nautical miles, this tour is ideal for everyone.

Learn about sea kayaking, try the boats and the equipment, discover the capabilities of a sea kayak and enjoy the sights of the coastline on a safely guided tour.

No previous experience is required, suitable also for beginners and families.

Sea Kayaking Messinia Daily Tours

We cover eight to ten nautical miles in these tours, which are an ideal way to explore the whole region.

Some previous experience, good physical and mental condition, the impulse for exploration, and love for the marine environment, ensure a pleasant and unique adventure.

Explore Mani

Paddling at the foot of the imposing Taygetos, we discover the wild beauty of a place that was never conquered. Sea Kayaks allow us to explore inch by inch the rich images and diversities of the indented coastline of Mani.

We paddle in turquoise waters, discovering idyllic beaches sprouted between the full-in history and traditions of coastal fishing villages.

1. Mani coastal discovery – Half day tour: 4-5 hours with breaks – Easy: Suitable for all

2. Mani coastal adventure – Full day tour 6-7 hours with breaks – Moderate: Relatively good physical condition or little experience

Navarino Bay

We begin our tour to explore the major sights of the historic bay of Navarino, near the amphitheatric town of Pylos.

Within a landscape of incredible natural beauty, we enjoy clear blue waters, golden sandy beaches where sea turtles return to leave their eggs, and heavy medieval castles standing over historical shipwrecks outlining the rich naval history of the area.

Tour name and details

1. Introducing Bay of Navarino – Half day tour 4-5 hours with breaks – Easy: Suitable for all

2. Paddling Navarino Ring – Full day tour 6-7 hours with breaks – Moderate: Relatively good physical condition or little experience

Kalamata Sea Kayaking

This is a coastal tour along with the seaside villages east of Kalamata, one of the most beautiful corners of the region.

From the beach in front of the Messinian capital to the coastal villages of the municipality of West Mani such as Almyros, Mikri Mantinia, Paleochora, Akrogiali, Santova, and Kitries, we discover numerous small beaches, spectacular rock formations, and turquoise waters.

Tour name and details

3. Kalamata costa costa – Half day tour 4-5 hours with breaks – Easy: Suitable for all

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