Sea Kayaking Ionian Islands Greece

Maybe nothing compares to the beauty of sea kayaking the Ionian islands.

The pace of the journey, the other view of the landscape, the closeness, and the feeling of being part of the beauty that you explore make sea kayaking so unique.

Thousands of enjoyable nautical miles are waiting to be explored on the Greek coastline. Sea Kayaking Ionian islands are undoubtedly on the top of the list as a destination for a sea kayaking experience!

And… in its turn, it is the crystal clear water, the green islands, and the beautiful exposed west coastlines that make it so unique as a paddling destination!

Of course, there are many more reasons for sea kayaking in the Ionian islands.

In a day’s journey, we find ourselves exploring caves, paddling between beautiful rock formations landing on secluded beaches, and having fun in most ways!

We commit to a lifetime experience of wild camping overnights, exploring more, and enjoying the pure nature of sea kayaking during a multi-day journey!

At Odysea, we love exploring, we love sea kayaking, and we love sharing experiences!

Thus, we provide a wide range of pure sea kayaking experiences.

Day journeys in the Ionian sea, Lefkada, and Amvrakikos bay, multi-day trips, and expeditions in selected different areas all around Greece, a comprehensive range of training and BCU assessment courses as well as tailor-made experiences is a taste of what we live for!

Sea Kayaking at Amvrakikos Bay

Amvrakikos gulf’s wetlands and sea comprise one of the most important wetland ecosystems in Southeast Europe.

It is a water body fed by two main rivers entering the gulf from the North; Arachthos and Louros. Amvrakikos’s unique shell shores, estuaries, and reed thickets shelter thousands of birds, including rare species every year.

Our base is located very close to the Amvrakikos Bay sea and lagoons. This allows us to provide a broader range of sea kayaking options suitable for every level of experience (even for the non-relative to sea kayaking!).

With a bit of fortune, dolphins and sea turtles accompany some of these excursions!

It’s a paddling delight to sea kayak in the sunset or dawn in Amvrakikos’s waters, watching birds or wild camp in one of its remote, uninhabited islands.

An alternative Greek sea kayak destination.

Sea Kayaking at Lefkada

Lefkada is one of the seven main islands of the Ionian Sea.

The Island comprises a green landscape with a mountain of almost 1200 m altitude and turquoise-colored water around most of the coastline.

The Island’s limestone rocks and crystal clear Ionian seawater provide a great variety of coastline with caves, rock gardens, and dramatic scenery of beaches formed under cliffs and in beautiful bays.

Beaches as Egremnoi, Porto Katsiki, Ag Nikitas, and Kathisma are known for their unique beauty. However, beautiful beaches unknown and only accessible from the sea are the ones we are heading out for!

A complex of smaller islands like Meganisi, Kalamos, and Kastos, on the East side of the Island, is of great interest to explore and visit by a sea kayak.

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