Sea Kayak in Zante Greece: Are You Ready?

Are you searching for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, perhaps you should visit Zante Blue and take advantage of option to enjoy a vacation that centers itself around a sea kayak in Zante.

There are a variety of ways that you can enjoy the beauty of Zante Island, Greece.

Even if kayaking is not exactly your cup of tea, there are still other adventures for you to have in this paradise.

Packages in Zante from Zante Blue

When you visit this island paradise, you can choose day trips, combo trips, expeditions, and even special trip packages that allow you to explore things other than kayaking.

It is a vacation that is designed to simply give visitors exactly what they want to explore.

Single Day Trips in Zante Greece

These trips are small excursions. One begins at Keri Lake. From there, you will see the breathtaking Lagana Bay, Pelouzo Island, and Turtle Islands. Day trips include snorkeling, cave viewing, turtle viewing and more. O*ther day trips include exploring a shipwreck off Porto Vromi, watching turtles at Turtle Island, and becoming inspired by the Blue Caves after you set off from St. Nikalaos.

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Combo Trips

These trips combine two exciting things into one package, such as cycling and sea kayaking to places such as Pelouzo and Turtle Island. You will have the option to travel across relatively flat lands via a bicycle so that you can explore the coastal areas and then top off your adventure with snorkeling and kayaking.

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Expeditions in Zakynthos

This will give you 5 full days of exploration. You will have plenty of time to tour, sea kayak in Zante, explore the shipwreck, and more. It is all commemorated by souvenirs and photos of your time exploring a full 35 nautical miles around Zakynthos.

Special Trips in Zakynthos

Imagine yourself learning to paddle surf and then being able to rent all of the equipment you need to do it solo. It is possible as part of a special trip option and it is a perfect way to explore the islands on your own. You can also take parts from other adventure packages to design your own special day of fun for you and your group. This allows you to custom create an expedition that lasts as long as you want it to, weather permitting, and you do not have to worry about traveling with people you do not know.

What is Your Ideal Zante Holiday?

Do you want to kayak or would you prefer to snorkel? Do you want to enjoy walking along the beaches and seeing amazing rock formations or take a tour of the caves that have been etched out by nature over billions of years?

With Zante Blue Sea you can experience it all or only do as you want to do including sailing in the beautiful blue waters, hiking over the land, and more.

Accommodations are easy to find and offer a variety of options for you and your family to enjoy as well. There are hotels and villas as well as camping options if you prefer to simply spend your nights enjoying the beauty of nature.

Are you ready to vacation in paradise and enjoy a vacation that allows you to sea kayak in Zante?

Contact the organizers through: (+30) 697 7960301, or through their contact data below.

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