Scuba Diving Kythera Greece

While in Greece, did you ever consider Scuba Diving Kythera?

Well, you need to address your interest to some people who care for you to learn and have fun at the same time.

On that island, numerous all-family scuba activities can take place.

For example… Let’s say that you want your kids to get initiated in that activity.

You can try the BUBBLE MAKER program by PADI that can make an 8-year-old kid an explorer of the fantastic underwater world of the island of Kythera concerning aquatic life and safety.

This course is done with special care.

Children learn how to equalize, make signals, empty the water from their mask or the regulator and finally breathe underwater.

On the other hand, the JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVER program by PADI can transform a 10-year-old into a responsibly trained diver only within a few days of vacation and fun.

Children are awarded a PADI certificate which is lifelong valid and can be recognized all around the world.

The DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING program by PADI can help anyone wearing a bathing suit dive with an individual underwater breathing apparatus.

You begin with an informative briefing, try some exercises in very shallow water without any rush, and then you are ready to discover the wonderful underwater world of the island of Kythera, along with the incredible feeling of gravity loss, swinging, and swimming underwater.

To attend this course you only need to be more than ten years old, fill in a particular medical questionnaire and be willing to spend about 2 hours of your life!

Let’s find out more about Kythera

The island where Afrodite was born.

According to Hesiod’s Theogonia, when Saturn cut off the genitals of Uranus, he threw them in the sea on the island of Kythera.

Through the foam Afrodite, the goddess of love was born.

The birth of the beautiful, Kytherian goddess has the same semiotic reference with the arousing of the island right from the sea, which according to Paleontologists, is documented by the sea findings of the paleontological period found on the island.

Invaluable seals for the island are the ‘’Birth of Afrodite’’ by Botticelli, the ‘’Journey to Kythera’’ by Watteau, ‘’A Journey to Kythera’’ by Baudelaire, ‘’To taxidi sta Kythera’’ by Theodore Angelopoulos, the wreck of the Antikythera with the ‘’Adolescent of Antikythera’’ and the technologically unique ‘’Calculator of Antikythera’’.

Visitors can see vegetation everywhere, waterfalls, watermills, old stone-made houses, settlements from another era, castles and Byzantine monuments, Venetian and English, as well as awe-inspiring caves.

There are still plenty of unexplored caves, especially on the northwestern side of the island.

The most outstanding beaches are Kaladi, Melidoni, Firi Ammos, Kalami, Chalkos, Platia Ammos, Limnionas, Agia Pelagia, Diakofti, and Kobonada.

This is indeed a beautiful island.

Sightseeings of Kythera

Lighthouse Of Moudari (Cape Spathi)

It is the lighthouse situated at the northernmost point of the island, cape Spathi.

It was built under British rule and is a giant lighthouse built by the British in Greece.


The skerry of Chytra, or else Avgo (egg), is located at a short distance across the harbor of Kapsali.

There is a cave with beautiful colors both on the exterior and on the seabed on its south side. At the end of the cave, there is a haven for seals.

The gorge of Tsakonas

The gorge of Tsakonas is located between the villages Mitata and Viaradika, in the center of the island.

Inside the canyon are hidden churches carved in the rocks and two springs, one for each village.


Going down the dell of Milopotamos and the “Fonissa” waterfall, situated on the rocks, among the plane trees and the ivy are the 22 watermills.

The mills operated by water power from the river that still flows abundantly.

The Gorge of Kakia Langada

The gorge of Kakia Langada starts at the village of Trifillianika and passes by the ruined Byzantine town of Paleochora.

Paleochora, with its 13th-century buildings, was the island’s Byzantine capital and is located in the northernmost part of a cliff set in the middle of the canyon.

Ancient Shipwreck of Avlemonas (Lord Elgin)

Just outside the harbor of Avlemonas, at 20 meters depth, a group from the Institute of Marine Archaeology found in 1980 an ancient shipwreck!

It was Mentor, the ship Lord Elgin used in 1802 to transfer the stolen Parthenon sculptures and fragments of other monuments.


Follow the sign to Neraida, Waterfall; it will lead you to an idyllic site with tropical greenery, beautiful bridges, alleys, and streams.

This magical place is located within a glen -designated as outstanding natural beauty- with rich poplar and plain trees vegetation.

About Kythera Dive Center

At the beautiful beach of Limnionas, in an old, traditional, stone-made, vaulted fishermen’s cell (an arch as the locals call it), with love, ”meraki” and respect to the environment, there is the Kythera Dive Center, the base for your explorations! At Kythera Dive Center exists the combination of:

  • The beauty of the picturesque Limnionas beach with the flawless standards of the international training organization for scuba diving PADI
  • The strict standards of control and certification of BUREAU VERITAS,
  • The safety of DAN
  • The first aid of EFR as well as the environmental awareness of PROJECT AWARE.

It’s all about a whole new world which, thanks to the safety standards of PADI and our endless love for the sea, not to mention the best climatic and geographic conditions, is available with comfort and safety to EVERYONE!

Contact the organizer through: +30694 4314152, +30694 4314152, +30698 4325092.

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