Scuba Diving Kefalonia Greece

Scuba Diving in Kefalonia, Greece, along with Cavern and Wreck diving, is a fantastic experience as the island has a beautiful sea bed and hidden treasures under the surface.

Kefalonia Greece, is one of the largest and greenest islands in the southern Ionian sea, famous for its many beautiful beaches, fine sand, and calm, crystal clear waters.

It’s an ideal place for scuba diving with underwater visibility exceeding 40 meters. The island’s characteristic giant rocks, fantastic caves, reefs, walls, wrecks, and rich aquatic life provide numerous exciting dive sites for divers of all levels.

Dive sites

From the numerous dive sites that cover all levels of diving experience, we present you some of the most interesting:

Cave – Cavern Diving

Kefalonia is a unique island with natural beauty. The caves of the island are primarily known; some of them are over millions of years flooded with water and have been kept intact through the lapse of time with unique formations of stalactites stratifications – and unique stalagmites decoration. From the known caves, those with easy access to the public are Melissani, Karavomilos, and Zervatis.  Other caves are Chiridoni – Sotira and Agia Eleousa, with more difficult access that requires descent with ropes. The salty water is crystal clear with a constant temperature of 14 0C and in summer can reach up to 15 oC.

MELISSANI: Maximum depth of 30m expands to 540m, easily accessible through a drilled tunnel that drives visitors right in front of the lake. A dive (in the lacustrine part) is suitable for all divers with relevant experience. Diving in Melissani is a unique experience; the diffusion of light reflected the walls, and the crystal water gives a dreamy feeling. The illusion of flying into the colors is an image. This is a lifelong memorable diving experience.

In the lake, there are countless eels, sea basses, mullets, and microorganisms that resemble transparent shrimps, characteristic biodiversity for all caves of Kefalonia. The average diving depth ranges from 15 to 24 meters, Ideal for avoiding contact with the lake’s bottom. Time ranged from 35 to 45 minutes, having a temperature of 14 oC.

KARAVOMILOS: Maximum depth 16m that expands to 240m. Another unique cave with easy access, just 5 meters from the sea with salty water and a temperature of 14 oC. The submerge consists of 3 parts. The first is the lake’s median that leads to the entrance of the cave accessible to all divers. Access to the second and third parts of the cave Cavern and Cave level diving certification is required.  Diving in the lake is unique because of its excellent biodiversity, development, and size of underwater fauna that is impressive within the crystal water. The photosynthesis process is evident and O2, and other gases production can be seen with the appearance of tiny bubbles. The lake communicates with the sea and is filled with schools of sea bass and mullet fishes.

After the cavern part that consists of 2 large chambers forming an “L” shape for about 80 m, follows the cave part that shows schools of fish using the dark part of the cave for protection. The combination of biodiversity towering stalagmites and stalactites curtain gives the picture of a sea cave with land cave features.

The cave evolves a geological marvel that only pictures can fully explain; giant colorful stalagmites appear as if they want to touch the cave’s roof. Strange stalactite formations extend around the cave with giving a sense of magic decoration.

ZERVATI: with a maximum depth of 7 meters that expands to 150m. Another cave with easy access since most of the roof air pocket. The land’s wild flora and the surrounding rocky environment give an unexpected Jungle feeling.

Inside the cave, the visibility is so incredible that the land environment of trees and vegetation can be seen by the divers underwater. The limited depth and spaciousness of the cave make it ideal for an introduction to the Cavern Dive.

Sea basses and eels are live in the cave water that communicates through small holes with the other caves of the area.

The central area of the cave is a large chamber with air, which climbs vertically to the surface of the land for several meters, forming a vast chimney.

The brightly colored walls give an excellent opportunity for great pictures.

Wreck Diving


The British submarine located in southern Kefalonia, sunk by a mine on Dec. 6, 1941. A challenging dive that offers the diver a unique diving experience facing one of the most impressive war machines of the Second World War.

The story of HMS PERSEUS is genuinely unique and has been studied by many historians and researchers. The submarine lies at a depth of 51 meters while maintaining an absolute shipbuilding shape, revealing a huge metal giant that offers protection to underwater life. Big amberjacks and dentexes fish appear unsuspected around the wreck that extends for about 80 m above the sandy sea bed. Genin by the conditions of its immersion and the presence of a single survivor (J.CAPES), who was not a member of the crew, make the legend of the sunken submarine even more mysterious. This wreck dive is ranked among the top 10 dives around the world.

Cristine Lome Wreck

This is a contemporary wreck of a small Ferry Boat of 40m that sank in 2011 near Agia Kyriaky bay. This is an easy dive at 20m depth, where divers may see the whole boat at the sea bed. Three trucks sunk with the ship and can also be seen as they spread down. It is an ideal chance for easy wreck diving, and even though it is a contemporary wreck, it has developed into an impressive marine life center.

Got amazed? Well, visit and enjoy Scuba Diving in Kefalonia. An island ideal for a lengthy stay.

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