Scuba Diving Folegandros Greece

Evert thought of scuba diving Folegandros? Summer vacation at Folegandros is a unique experience as the character and the traditions of the island has not change through the years.

The numerous sunny beaches and the small coves with the crystal clear waters create the mesmerizing coastline of the island. Furthermore the Hora of Folegandros which is distinguished for its Cycladic character, the narrow streets with the white-washed houses and the famous Venetian castle, which all make part of its exceptional beauty.

Romantic sunsets and tasty local dishes will make your stay memorable. Do check this post for dive computers here.

Why scuba diving Folegandros

Folegandros is a Greek island at the south Aegean Archipelagos. It has been inhabited since ancient times. The main village, Hora, is built on the edge of a 200 meters high cliff by the Venetians around 1212 A.D.

It was designed as a castle in order to protect the villagers from the pirate’s attacks. The port of Folegandros is the small village of Karavostasis.

The village of Ano Meria preserves a small but interesting Ecological and Folklore Museum.

The uniqueness of Folegandros is not limited only to the beautiful alleys of Hora and the traditional dishes.

The underwater world of the island hides enchanting images. Caves, reefs, walls and the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea compose a magnificent diving destination.

There are numerous diving spots around the island, each one distinguished by a unique feature.

Georgitsi’s cave

It is a dive available to all certified divers as the cave has a free surface. It is accessible only by boat. The maximum depth is 17 meters.

The water temperature is around 20°-24°. Perfect visibility. There are no currents. At the entrance of the cave there is a rich underwater flora with sea anemones, baby corals and colorful sponges.

Equally often is the appearance of small goldblotch groupers, hermit crabs and slipper lobsters. Inside the cave the water has a distinguished deep blue color. A brief resurface at the end of the cave will reveal to us the ancient stalactites.

Cathedral Cave

Available for advanced open water divers and beyond. Maximum depth 30 meters. Crystal clear visibility. Water temperature is around 18°-22°. There are no currents.

Accessible only by boat. The dive begins at a colossal cathedral cave, passes in front the entrance of a big cave and continues at a magnificent wall. T

he density and the colors of the flora, that covers the wall and the cathedral, are amazing. Goldblotch and dusky groupers welcome us at the deeper stage of the dive.

Poulioxeres reef

Available for advanced open water divers and beyond. Maximum depth 30 meters. Crystal clear visibility. Water temperature is around 18°-22°. Occasionally medium current at the surface.

Accessible only by boat. The reef is surrounded with a great variety of sea life. Schools of small fishes, dusky and goldblotch groupers are the inhabitants of the reef. Amberjacks and sea turtles quite often approach for a visit.

At Folegandros you can dive with the SEA-U DIVE CENTER. As the goal of SEA-U DIVE CENTER is to introduce to the visitors of the island the wonderful sea world. Even if you have never put a diving mask on before, you should come and explore with us the amazing world of the sea and the green-blue waters of our island.

Capture beautiful pictures of the Aegean Sea bottom and swim in the crystal-clear sea.

The SEA.U Dive Center is certified by PADI and follows all international standards in order to provide high quality services.

Daily excursions, with our boat, to memorable diving sites, are organized for certified divers.

For beginners, the three hours program Discover Scuba Diving, will guide you through the use of the scuba gear, the basic exercises and the safety rules to your first dive.

If you like you can continue your training and enroll in courses like Adventure Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Divemaster.

There are also programs for our younger friends that are eager to discover scuba diving.

Furthermore we can visit beautiful seaside sites with our boat and explore the magnificent sea world by snorkeling on the surface.

Diving by holding your breath, free diving, is also a fascinating way to explore the great blue. Take your first steps in free diving and discover your capabilities in apnea with us.

We wish you to have a pleasant stay.

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