Santorini Wine Greece Lover Tour. Explore, Discover, Experience

Explore, Discover, Experience the terroir-driven wines of Santorini through winery tours and wine tastings.

Do you know that Santorini has one of the oldest vineyards in the world? Oh yes!

Santorini’s vineyard is 3.500 years old and it’s ungrafted(!). That means that the vines have never been affected by phylloxera -an insect that had damaged the European vineyards in the 19th century – and thus they have their own roots.

Thanks to the volcano, there is a rare, unique ecosystem for the vineyard which is reflected in the wines produced.

Sanotrini Wines

The vines here struggle to survive and therefore their yield is extremely low (~25hl/ha), the lowest in Greece! They have to face a lack of rainfalls, volcanic soil poor in organic matters, strong winds, and high temperatures during summer.

Santorini Wines

The vines absorb the water via the sea mist covering the island during the spring and summer months and are trained in a basket shape to be sheltered from the winds and the intense sunlight. We don’t exaggerate when we say that Santorini is the most distinguished terroir of Greece. The wines produced from the native Assyrtiko grape have been awarded and recognized by wine experts from all over the world!.

When you are in Santorini, besides the breathtaking views of the Santorini caldera and the golden sunsets, take the chance to explore, discover and experience the wine side of the island. Spend 4 hours during your holidays on the island to be familiar to the Santorinis’ wine treasures and realize the particularities of this rare terroir. Crispiness, minerality, salinity, food-friendliness are some of the words that will come to your mind when you taste these wines.

Highlights of the Santorini Wine tour

  • Walk in a 100-year-old vineyard surrounded by natural caves and learn about the particularities of the terroir of the island and the ancient pruning system (the so-called “ambelia”)
  • Visit 3 of the most representative wineries of Santorini: the Argyros Estate, one of the oldest “canavas” (the local name for the winery) of the island and a master of Vinsanto, the Gaia Wines, an internationally awarded winery by the beach (!) and the Domaine Sigalas, a pioneer producer.
  • Taste all the types of wines produced on the island (the whites from Assyrtiko grape, the noblest white grape of the island producing the most age-worthy white wines of Greece, the Nychteri, the sweet Vinsanto, and the promising red indigenous Mavrotragano), as well as a 5 years old vinegar from Assyrtiko grape and a bar of organic, fair trade chocolate made with a 4years aged Vinsanto (!)
  • Enjoy a Cycladic cheese and wine pairing and a plateau of local delicacies, such as sun-dried tomatoes, fava (yellow spilled peas), cappers at one of the wineries.

During the tastings, you will learn about the long wine tradition and history of the island, the winemaking methods, the agricultural products, and the local gastronomy.

At the end of the tour, you’ll be ready to organize a Santorinian food and wine night by taking with you an e-booklet with 10 delicious Santorinian recipes and all the highlights of the vineyard and the wines tasted.

During the Santorini Wine Lover tour, Iliana will be your wine guide. She is an enologist and speaks fluently English and French.

Contact them through +306979000568 (available on Viber), [email protected] or through their contact data below.

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