Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos Greece, Sightseeing & Delicacies

Our travels through Lesvos continue by moving to Agios Isidoros, next to Plomari. Plomari would be our base for rock climbing with Kostas from Lesvos Climbing & Trekking Club.

We had to leave behind the Heliotrope Hotel but before that we had a very nutritious breakfast.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Selection of goodies from a huge buffet!

At Plomari, we were amazingly fortunate to stay at a luxury villa complex at Agios Isidoros, called Ouzo Villas. The villa we stayed in was huge. Three floors with every single amenity you could imagine.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Ouzo Villas: Living room

Along that, add a huge balcony with terrific sea view. Having adventures is great when you also return to such comfort. We do fancy a bit of pampering.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Ouzo villas: View from the left side of our balcony

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Ouzo Villas: View from the other side of the balcony

A nice set of ouzo, honey, rusks and more were offered for breakfast.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Yummy local products!

After settling in, we met again with Kostas, our rock climbing guide and certified guide from Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing. It was not the first time, we’ve met him at our sailing trip too. So, we knew we would have a great time.

Going to Plomari rock climbing field

Rock climbing in Plomari is something new for the whole island. Kostas opened the routes himself, around September 2015. Locals have embraced this extra ordinary extreme activity as it re-introduces the island of Lesvos to new generations of locals along with the island visitors.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
The climbing field from afar. Looks a bit “short”, right? Well it is not.

The field is relatively easy to access through a dirt road. Some driving time is required and then a bit of hiking to get to the routes base.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Heading to the climbing field, while carrying ropes, shoes, etc.

The climbing location is called “Panagia Krifti”, which translates to Hidden Holy Virgin. From that location you can see beaches of Lesvos from atop. It is simply magnificent.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Kostas gazing the shores from the end of the hill, next to the field

There are 26 routes at that location, ranging from 3 to 6c+. Max height is 25mt and are suitable for novices too. Here is a PDF with many details on the routes for this specific location.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Impressive rock, right?

Kostas went up to secure the ropes.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Kostas climbing first on every route to secure ropes

We have done some rock climbing routes before. Thus, we were familiar enough with the equipment and safety precautions, in order to simply enjoy the activity. However, Kostas went through all process once more.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Maria is getting ready while Kostas is climbing up to secure the ropes

Kostas brought some pairs of the special shoes we would use. These helped to enjoy climbing better and be safer.

And so it begun.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Those rocks were either sharp or offering some small grips, or both.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Touching one of the the end points!

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

The view from the top of the routes was simply spectacular. Especially, after putting in all the effort needed to climb there.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Kostas climbed along to take all these great pictures showing us and this was especially kind from his side.

We spent quite a few hours there, enjoying the different routes, and at late noon we decided to climb down and visit another hidden treasure of the area…

The Church of Panagia Krifti

It is very close to the climbing field. It is not so easy to take the car all the way down. It is better to walk all the way to the bottom. The waters and serenity will reward you.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Walking the path towards Panagia Krifti

An old church resides there. Next to it there is a small dock from where you can jump inside the spectacular bluish waters. This dock/beach is also approachable with a small boat that makes regular trips there.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Getting closer

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Church is half built into the rock

View from church exterior, while chilling out.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

There is a small hot spring there and locals have build a small “hot tub”. The water is extremely hot, far from any hot springs you may know. Usually in most hot springs you can sit in for around 20 minutes. We have been to many and I am not sure I could sit in there for more than 3 minutes. Anyway, there are many hot springs in Lesvos to try from.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Small but extremely hot. Water pours into the sea

We just relaxed there looking at the top of the mountain where we climbed a few minutes ago. Kostas decided to take a dive to test the waters!

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Kostas is ready to jump in

After an hour or so we decided to return to Plomari, so we could change clothes at the magnificent Ouzo Villas, clean up, have some rest and explore Plomari, the “Ouzo capital” of Greece.

Through the alleys of Plomari

Just a 5 minutes drive (you can even walk it) from Agios Isidoros, is the colorful Plomari. Plomari is famous for hosting all the Ouzo distilleries, for which Lesvos is famous about.

We met Menia, a local girl who knows Plomari in and out. She went us through the small village of Plomari, explaining its history and particularities.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
This is how you enter into the alleys of the lower Plomari area

We think that what is best to do in Plomari is to walk in the alleys, seeing the old mansions.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Typical architecture met in the alleys mansions

Do walk up to the temple of Prophet Elias. It is a bit uphill to go there but the view is rather rewarding.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
From the top of the hill of Prophet Elias

Here is Plomari from a harbor viewpoint.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Looks fine and fresh but where to put that?

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Thanks, but where to store this?

At some point, and after all the climbing and walking around, we started craving for local food, so we asked Menia to point where we should eat in Plomari.

There are some pretty nice taverns at this area below, as seen from the harbor.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
This side has lots of taverns

Menia mentioned the “7 Seas” tavern in Plomari, for some great seafood, salads, local “oil cheese”, another variety of ouzo and salted fish.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Oil cheese, healthy salad and salted fish

One thing we noticed in Plomari and in Lesvos in general! We were consuming ouzo and eating a reasonable amount of a variety “mezedes” every day.

Not even once we felt like over-eating or having a heavy stomach or any kind of discomfort. We asked the locals about that and they said that in almost all taverns, they are very careful with how they cook the food by using very good quality ingredients.

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos
Delicious seafood and “Fava”

We stayed at “7 seas” there until late night, by the sea, enjoying a perfect closing of a perfect day that had it all: rock climbing, sightseeing, great food, great company of people.

As we have said many times: When in a place, ask the locals. They will point out to anything you need to visit or eat.

Stand by for our next adventure in Lesvos. Hint: Horseback riding, hiking and walking around through the famous Molyvos.

Have fun!

Rock Climbing Plomari Lesvos

Disclosure: The trip was organized by the District of North Aegean Tourism department, along with a series of activities, accommodation and dining providers mentioned in our articles. Airplane tickets provided by Astra Airlines. As always, all posts are written according to our experience and opinion.

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  1. That looks like a fantastic day! Especially the food. Never been and probably never will be a fan of rock climbing. Just something about the heights…

  2. That place looks amazing & food also 🙂 Sounds like you were having so much fun on your trip!
    Rock climbing is something I’ve always wanted to try 😀

  3. It seems like such a magical place! I enjoyed all the photos, especially the ones of the food. I don’t know how to rock-climb really, but it seems like a lot of work but I’m sure it’s all worth it. Great post!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  4. This looks so wonderful, I love all your pictures. I have never been rock climbing and not sure if I am cut out for it but I love the views and would consider trying it.

  5. What an amazing experience you had! Rock climbing is not for everyone, but if you can do it, I think that is pretty cool! The food is amazing as well. I hope I will visit Greece one day, especially Plomari.

  6. A 3 story villa? ! That’s a lot of space. And total balcony is huge with the sea view!! I like the villa a lot 🙂 climbing looks amazing and the church looks so peaceful. Ree Love30


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