Rafting Voidomatis and Aoos River at Konitsa Greece

The route for rafting Voidomatis goes through the green canyon of Voidomatis.

This is a 6 km route in the river through the heart of the National Forest of Vikos-Aoos.

The water of Voidomatis is suitable for drinking since the river is considered to be the cleanest in Europe.

This route is ideal for beginners.

In the middle of the route, we stop at the shores of Voidomati and visit the Monastery of Agioi Anargiroi.

During our trip, we are accompanied by dunlins who constantly fly close to the water surface.

The colors and the vistas of the river and the surrounding environment will be imprinted in your memory for a long time.

Our meeting point is: The No Limits base at Voidomatis, distanced 12km from Konitsa on the way to Ioannina.

The time to come is always under specific arrangements. We start from the bridge of Aristi and end up at the No Limits base at the bridge of Kleidonia.

The time needed for descent is 1,5 hours.

The grade of difficulty is two, and the length of the route is 6km. October up to mid-July is the best time of year for rafting Voidomatis river.

Rafting Voidomatis is a fantastic experience, and your eyes and mind will be full of beautiful pictures.

Rafting Konitsa Aoos River

Our base for Rafting Aoos is at Konitsa.

Aoos River springs from Vovousa and, after crossing the canyon of Aoos, meets the Voidomatis river and continues into Albania.

The river is suitable for many and different rafting routes with varying difficulty levels but with a constant unparallel beauty.

The most common rafting route in Aoos is performed after Aoos meets the Voidomatis river, where the water quantity is relatively large.

The descent is easy and beautiful and is considered ideal for beginners.

Our activity starts at the bridge of Bourazani, and by going through the rich plantation, it ends up at the Monastery of Molivdoskepastou. It’s worth visiting The Bourazani Wildlife Park that functions in the area.

You will meet several types of deer, mountain goats, wild boars, and wild cats during the visit. Don’t omit to taste the magnificent cuisine of its restaurant.

For more experienced rafters, a more demanding route commences at the upper section of Aoos river before its connection with Voidomatis.

It’s a short, distanced route but relatively tricky. In that section, Aoos, coming out of Aoos canyon, is usually wild and foaming.

The descent also includes passing a small waterfall with a difficulty grade of 4.

Aoos is also ideal for transnational rafting, as part of a 1 or 2 day trip from Konitsa to Premeti (Albania).

The part of Aoos route that goes through Albanian ground is easy and very impressive.

You will see on your left side the impressive hill of Nemertsika, which consists of many different plantation types, among them some Alpine types.

Going through villages that belong to a previous era –not accessible by road- and under self-improvised bridges ends up to Premeti.

There you can have a walk in the alleys and taste delicious and traditional delicacies.

Our meeting point at Aoos is the base of No Limits at Aoos river, at the exit of Konitsa on the way to Ioannina.

We start from the bridge of Bourazani and finish at the Monastery of Molivdoskepasti. The time needed for descent is 1,5 hours.

The grade of difficulty is two, and the length of the route is 6km. Rafting in these sections of the Aoos river is suitable all year around.

Rafting Aoos will take you among incredible vistas and will remain an unforgettable experience.

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