Pindos Greece: The Magnificent, Picturesque Rugged Remote Part

Pindos in Greece is an exhilarating place that offers the magnificent rugged Pindos Mountains and the spectacular Vikos Gorge. Visiting Pindos will offer you with a hilarious opportunity to walk through the world’s steepest Vikos George as you enjoy the pristine forests and wildlife. You will also have a chance to enjoy the superb limestone cliffs, gorges, spires and cracked alpine plateau.

If your visit is in May or June, you will have a chance to enjoy the splendor of wildflowers. You will also have a chance to stay in the ancient stone houses at the historical villages as you acquaint yourself with the magnificent culture, architecture and history of the Zagoria region.

Zagoria is a unique place with a rare history. Its remoteness has been its biggest selling point. The sceneries made the region autonomous within the Ottoman Empire avoiding the tax collectors but enabling the residents to trade widely. The evidence of this ancient prosperity is still visible thanks to the superb arched bridges and Kalderini mule tracks.

The remoteness of the area also helped to protect the culture, art and old religion of the area from Muslim overloads when Byzantium fell to the Ottomans. During the Second World War II, the area was heavily fought over causing depopulation and dilapidation.

Depopulation made the area to remain intact. Today, some of the region villages are national monuments. The previously ruined thick walled churches have been restored to their traditional glory with low arcades sheltering stone seats. You will also have a chance to witness simple wayside chapels and monasteries, which are the evidence of the area’s role in preserving Greek Christianity during the Ottoman rule. In addition to the art and history of the area, you will also have a chance to enjoy varied forests, which are the relics of early habitats.

The forests are made up of the ancient trees such as oak, beach, birch and hornbeam among others. Some of the wildlife that you would likely come across as you walk through the mountains includes wolves, bears and boar.

Apart from walking on the hilarious mountain treks, you can also visit the National Park of Pindos. The national park is a natural reserve of wildlife and trees. Furthermore, to make your Greece visit exciting and memorable, you should read our other exciting and unique articles on other picturesque geographical areas of Greece that are worth visiting.


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