Pervolakia Gorge in Crete Greece

Our experiences in Crete are escalating! Read about another famous gorge, part of our Crete Gorges trips. This is the Pervolakia gorge in Crete, also known as Moni Kapsa gorge due to the monastery of Kapsa you meet at the entrance and exit of the gorge (you can exit the gorge from a different route if you like).

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What is most promising for this route is the… exit. Since, the starting point is near a couple of beaches with amazing blue waters, where we had a very relaxing swim, after a 5 hour walking in and out the gorge.

Pervolakia Canyon CreteHowever this is not the only one.

There is a “parking” place with lots of trees and you can leave the car there. This is also the starting point. This is the monastery seen at the entrance point.

Pervolakia Canyon CreteAnd here is where the Pervolakia Gorge in Crete starts.

Pervolakia Canyon Crete

The gorge is a bit dry with low plantation. In general many gorges of this area are more or less like that since Lasithi is in the “wildest” side of Greece. But with this kind of “wild” comes “wild beauty” too.

Maria is “framing” the gorge for some pictures…

Pervolakia Canyon CreteThe gorge is very well marked and you can’t get lost. However the tricky part here is the wind. The day we went the wind was blowing like hell. At some points it was a bit difficult to pass. We met some people from France who abandoned half way, while a guy from Germany did it all.

This part here was rather difficult. I am not a light weight person and I was feeling I would fly…

Pervolakia Canyon CreteWind was coming down from the mountain in an amazing speed. Even in points like this one below you needed to keep balance as wind was pushing you back.

This was a nice encounter. A shady place. I think it was the only one. The letters in red (in Greek) mean “sitting room”.

Pervolakia Canyon Crete

The truth is that some points we had to choose between different options for passing to the next level.

Pervolakia Canyon CreteAlmost 2.5 hours have passed… We reached the village of Pervolakia.

Pervolakia Canyon CreteOur host at AsprosPotamos mentioned that there was one tavern at the village. We were eager to find it as we were very hungry and thirsty.

The owner was very friendly and he told us how to return from another route (also well marked) but completely stripped from tall plantation… This means: No Shade!

Pervolakia Canyon CreteAfter having a snack and few beers we started again for another 2-2.5 hours of walking back.

Pervolakia Canyon CreteThe view from that route was spectacular since now we were returning from the top of the mountain and not through a gorge.

Pervolakia Canyon CretePervolakia Canyon Crete

Along this route we also met a small cave. If you felt too hot this was a nice place to have a rest.

Wind was blowing heavily here too. This was a nice comfort as the sun was very hot. Looks like I am running? No I am not… The wind is pushing me in every step!

Pervolakia Canyon Crete

Terrific views. We were drooling seeing that sea and we were fantasizing being there!

Pervolakia Canyon CretePervolakia Canyon Crete

“See the road? We are getting closer”… Yes, right. It was another 30-45 minutes from that point as you can’t just walk straight down.

Pervolakia Canyon CreteNow we are really getting closer!

Pervolakia Canyon Crete“Oh traveler, since you made it this far and think that you are at the right point, this is the sign you should see”… If not, you are somewhere else!

Pervolakia Canyon CreteHere are some friendly goats cheering up seeing us!

Pervolakia Canyon CreteNow imagine being so hot from all this sun and eager for a swim. This is what we did!

Pervolakia Canyon CreteThe beach was a bit rocky but the water was extremely clean and so refreshingly cool!

We stayed there more than half an hour, just lowering our temperature, laughing on what we performed once more!

Plan to do this gorge in Crete. The route, the sea at the end and the tavern midway are totally refreshing experiences.

Stand by for one more gorge story which ends to a waterfall. Short route but terrific nature.

Do have an exciting time in Crete.

Share this article if you like it. As many here it also helps people experience Greece in an adventurous way.

Disclosure: Minoan Lines sponsored our transportation towards Crete and Aspros Potamos hosted us while we were staying there. This is an opportunity to thank them.

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