Milos Greece

The island of Milos Greece lies halfway between Athens and Crete and it is known as “the Island of Colors”. This is due to its volcanic origins which means the beaches can be either white or black sand and the Aegean Sea varies between deep blue, pale blue or green and emerald green.

To keep up the colourful image the typical white stone beach houses each have brightly colored balcony railings painted in red, blue or yellow.

Milos is famous for its thermal springs which can be found around the island, the water of which have been used by islanders for medicinal purposes for many years. Because the water contains sulphur it is particularly good for skin diseases and you can visit spas by these springs where you can experience their content yourself.

One of the most endangered species in the world inhabits the coastline of Milos, the Mediterranean Monk Seal, official name Monachus Monachus and if you are lucky you can see one swimming around close to the shore.

Milos is a very animal-friendly place and in 1987 a group of volunteers set up Milos Friends of the Animals and they rescue the stray cats and dogs that roam around, treat them and neuter them. Pet owners can also use their services for a small fee as none of the group are paid and it is a non-profit making organisation.

There is so much to do on Milos Greece you will be spoilt for choice. There are a number of camp sites for those who like to sleep under the stars. If you love water sports they can be found at a number of beaches but the best one to go to is Achivadolimni Beach where there are sunbeds with colored umbrellas to relax after your activity and it is the center for so many other activities.

There is a Dive Center where you can scuba dive or go deep underwater to discover the secrets of the sea bed. The island is perfect for windsurfing or kite boarding due to the beauty of the Aegean Sea and the excellent conditions but if you want to undertake either of these activities on Milos Greece you do have to have your own equipment.

There is a kayaking center where you can go canoe-kayaking to idyllic locations and again the weather is absolutely perfect for this activity.

One of the fun things to do on Milos is play beach volleyball. Head for Achivadolimni Beach where you will find a beach volleyball court. You are certain to find someone to teach you the ropes or just play a game with you and it is a perfect activity for all the family.

If walking is your favourite pastime Milos is the right place to go to. Archivadolimni has some great paths and hills where you can trek through beautiful scenery with magnificent views and find peace and tranquillity.

One of the most fascinating walks is along an off-the-road dirt track. This will lead you to the exact spot where a farmer discovered the Venus de Milo, the statue to the Goddess Aphrodite, in 1820. You cannot miss it as a sign marks the spot. Continue along the same track and you will come to the Roman Theatre which has been very well preserved and is where the annual Milos Festival is held every summer.

To get a complete picture of the island and discover its hidden beauties you should go on one of the daily sailing trips. Your boat will sail on the turquoise blue Aegean Sea through Kleftiko and Sykia and you will be amazed by the endless caves you will see.

Milos will capture your heart as soon as you set foot on the island and you will never want to leave. Whatever activity you want to undertake you will find it here and every outing will be an adventure.


Photo credits: Andrei DragomirGeorge Dimitriadis, MY PHOTOS 1000+, Dimitrism.

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