Luxury Jeep Safari Touring Greece

Greece has way too many places that are better to visit through a Jeep Safari tour or at least a 4-wheel car. When this is a classy luxury one things get more comfortable.

Luxury Jeep Safari Touring

I mean, since you are looking for extreme comfort why not trying that way?

Apparently this need had to be covered, so Outdoor Advexperience was born.

Luxury Jeep Safari Touring

This team is active in the field of alternative tourism and offers luxury touring with 4×4 cars fully equipped. With such you can go around combining experiences and sightseeing on mountains, by the sea and sightseeing through archaeological sites.

As we said, Greece is a magical country full of history, tradition, myth and incomparable natural beauty.

Luxury Jeep Safari Touring

But what can you really experience?

  • You can wander through the aesthetic forests.
  • Explore the National Parks per area.
  • Enjoy the ancient monuments, caves, gorges, waterfalls, cliffs, sand dunes, lakes, marshes and rivers.
  • Enjoy and have some creative time with your family, children and friends away from the noise of the city.
  • Explore the nature through unique tours. Have a picnic, a barbeque, taking in the fresh air, the endless blue of the sea, and the sandy secluded beaches.
  • You can have and taste picnic baskets full of delicious traditional fried meatballs, sandwiches, salads and traditional Greek pies
  • You can play childhood games (the hunt of the lost treasure, capture the flag, Simon says, Blind Man’s Bluff, Spud, Freeze Dance, Water fights, etc) and collect greens and thyme.

OK, then. You are ready. You have made your mind to give it a try and see how it feels.

Luxury Jeep Safari Touring

Outdoor Advexperience through their 4-wheel jeep safari tours will provide:

  • Guided tours and trips with luxury 4×4 jeep, which are fully equipped
  • Professional guides for all tours and trips
  • Summer and winter gear for camping
  • Travel insurance for all tours and trips
  • DVD and photo’s with from the trip

Maybe you need some ideas on what kind of Jeep tours you can have. Here are a few to think about:

1 days tours in Attica

  1. Kamariza – Thorikos (Mining facilities – Vent wells – Ancient ore washery – Ancient Theatre – Ruins of the Acropolis with chamber tombs and trace facility from the Neolithic to Early Helladic and Middle Helladic period).
  2. Marathon (Around Marathon lake and dam – Charadros – Kalentzi)

1 day tours in Peloponnese

  1. Korinthia (Gerania – Heraion Lake – Vouliagmeni Lake – Tree house)
  2. Doxa Lake – Tsivlos Lake – Dasiou Lake (Around Lakes)
  3. Ladonas Lake (Around Lake and dam)

1 day tours in Evia

  1. Ancient Platanos and 3 Lakes
  2. North Evia Lake (Historic Laografic Mouseam – Wooden Bridges – Kireas River)
  3. Kantili mountain – Saint John the Russian – Ancient Platanos – 3 Lakes – Drimonas Waterfalls – Sipias River

2 or 3 day tous in Peloponnese

  1. Dimitsana – Stemnitsa (Gunpowed mill – Philosofou Monastery – Folklore Museum Stemnitsa -Krifó scholió (secret school) – lousios River
  2. Mainalos maountain (levidi – Limpovitsi (Kolokotronis Village) -Kapsia Cave )
  3. 3 Lakes (Doxa Lake – Tsivlos Lake – Dasiou Lake )

2 or 3 day tours in Evia

Kantili mountain – Saint John the Russian – Ancient Platanos – 3 Lakes – Drimonas Waterfalls – Sipias River -Historic Laografic Mouseam – Wooden Bridges – Kireas River

4 days tours

Valia Kalda (Vovousa – Aoos Lake – Elatohori – Laista – Distrato – Smarina – .Avdella – Perivoli – Milia – Krania).

Now, how great are all these? Isn’t it nice to have someone to take care of you and pamper you driving you around all these places, while you enjoy your Jeep safari tour?

I think so!

Contact them through their contact data below.

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