Halkidiki Greece: Live your bike ride lifetime experience

Ah! The wonderful vehicle that transfers our inner child to all hidden places: the amazing bike! Don’t we recollect memories from our childhood, dashing out with our friends and the joy we felt discovering new locations and secret paths?

Don’t we remember the laughter and the freedom and moving fast with the wind on our face and through our hair, with this amazing two wheel wonder?

Remember the strong pedaling, and the uphills and the amazing speed going downhill in the dirt roads, in the forests, taking in the nature? How special are all these moments for each one of us ?!!

Passion for bike rides

Our passion and love for nature, enviroment and life, pushed us along with the above to discover routes and quide you to heavenly fairytale places always riding a bike.

When you will arrive to our wonderful area -the unseen side of Halkidiki- and really want to enjoy your vacation, you now have the opportunity to experience unique moments by following rare bike routes.

Besides the numerous monuments and the arcaeological sites, you can visit the deep blue coasts where you can refresh and sun bath. You will have the opportunity to “dive” into the essense of Halkidiki forests, rivers and “secret locations” in our mountains and beaches. And guess what… All these by riding a bike.

Chesnut trees, perennial plane trees, pine trees, herbs and wildflowers, brooks, cataracts, unreachable creeks and untrodden-virgin places compose an unprecedented scenery through which you will love bike riding and even adopt it as a lifestyle.

Some of the routes we follow, go through Kakavos Lakes and Waterfalls, Komistsa and many more.

Grab a bike and follow us! Carduus Bike offers you the possibility, you offer yourself the choice!

Are you in Ierissos, Halkidiki now? Contact Carduus Bikes through +306978183242 to give you a few tips.

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