Kitesurfing Greece at the Kiteshack Kitesurf School

The Kite shack Kite surf School, which sits among the beauty of the beaches and landscape of Skafidia, offers kitesurfing lessons to people of all ages and levels—from children to adults and from beginners to advanced kite surfers.

Founded in 2013, the school offers high quality courses from March to October; also, during the courses, the school provides all equipment, such as the kite, helmet, harness, life-vest, and board.

Therefore, all you will need is a positive attitude and the dedication to learn the kite surfing sport and recreational activity that many have grown to love.

All kitesurfing instructors are 100% IKO Certified and speak fluent English, so you will be in good hands.

What does the Kite shack Kite surf School offer in kite surfing? All of the courses offered at the school follow the IKO guidelines. There are three levels (IKO Level 1, IKO Level 2, and IKO Level 3) and lessons for advanced riders.

Kitesurfing levels

During IKO Level 1, kitesrufing instructors teach proper site selection, basic piloting, control systems, power control, and self landing.

Once you master Level 1, you will progress to Level 2, where you will learn downwind drag, upwind drag, steady pull, and water start.

Finally, Level 3 offers lessons in edging, upwind riding, turns, self launch, and basic jump.

Once you master the basics skills you need for recreational kite surfing, you may move on to learning advanced riding tricks with No Work Generation’s IKO instructors in Cape Drepano.

The school ensures that all students progress and learn kitesurfing in a short amount of time and, most importantly, have fun doing it; the school also keeps documentation on all students. You also have the opportunity to get certified by IKO, a plus, while enrolled.

Who wouldn’t want the chance to learn kite surfing while surrounded by a stunning view and cool people having a good time? Kite shack Kite surf School offers a range of lesson combinations and lesson plans so that you may choose what path is right for you.

By booking your IKO lessons online, you will be one step closer to starting your kitesurfing journey.

Contact the organizers through: +30 6973 79 39 29 or through their contact data below.

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