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Kiteboarding is a modern water sport that is experiencing global boom in last years. Kiteboarding is a truly exiting sport, where you chase the wind with the kite and slide with board on water.

Do you want to enjoy fun on water, jumps, waves or free-ride between the islands? Are you in Greece? Are you going to Greece? Do you want to start? It could not be easier. You only need  wind, the right kiteboarding equipment and a kiteboarding course where you will learn everything safely and quickly.

What equipment you need for Kiteboarding?

Kite: Kite is your source of power on water. Kites are distinguished in sizes and measured in square meters. We use kites from 5-18 square meters . The size of kite is selected according to wind strength, weight  and experience of the rider to have always optimal strength. We choose small kites to strong wind and large kites to light wind.

BAR: It´s our controlling system of kite.  The bar is the connection between the kite and the harness and attaches to the kite with 25m long lines.  Basically you have two systems in your hands. Steering and power system.  You hold the bar in your hands and by pulling it left or right you steer the kite in the air to control the  flight direction of your kite.  You can also move the bar up or down to reduce the power. You will loose power of kite, when you push up the bar or get a power boost when you pull it down. Modern bars are totally safe thanks to safety systems. You just pull safety system which we call “Quick release” and you´ll lose 100% of the power and you will stay safe in any situation.

Harness: Padded waist belt where comes all the strength from the kite. You hold all power from the kite with your body and use  your hands to control the kite.

Kiteboard: Kiteboards looks like wakeboards, but the construction is thinner and bindings are tighter. Always select the type of boards according to your riding style and experience. For the first starting up, select the larger boards with dimensions of 140 * 45cm. Larger boards are more stable and more forgiving at the first attempt.

Accessories: Helmets and jackets are the required equipment.

How can I learn to kite?

Kiteboarding is not difficult to learn, but you need to learn it step by step. The easiest way is a kiteboarding course where you will get all the necessary equipment and learn everything, from basic theory to water starts in 6 hours (2days). It all safe, under the supervision of experienced instructors.

1. Important theory

In the introduction, you will learn all about safety. How to behave at a spot, where to prepare equipment. Everything about the types and directions of the wind.

2. Basic flying skills with trainer kite

Trainer kite is 2m2 foil kite and you will practice with it all manauveres before you´ ll try inflatable kite. The aim of the exercise is to learn how to naturally control the kite in a wind window.

3. The fun begins

It´s time to enter the water with larger inflatable kite where you will learn how to use all power and safety systems  and the “body-drag” technique, how to swim with kite on deep water and how to recover the board, if you loose it.

4. Water starts

Once you have completed the kite exercises, you will try your first water starts.

Step by step from first few meters to hundred metres long rides… and then you fall through the kiteboarding and no one will stop you.

5. Choose your way

Now you ride and is up to you if you want rock wakestyle tricks on flat water, ride waves with kitesurf board, cruise, go fast with raceboard…find your way and have fun, that´s whats going onJ

Interested? Want to learn kite?

There are a number of schools in Greece offering kiting lessons. Have a look on offer from , find the best option for you and have fun 🙂
(Check contact data at your right).


— Article provided by Kryštof Rubáš (Rubi). Contact the organizer through: +30698 0718086, or through their contact data below.

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