Kiteboarding Greece Athens and Ionian Sea?

Kiteboarding is the fastest growing sport on the planet. The sense of freedom, the speed and the ability to move where ever you want with your command make this sport very unique.

Kiteboarding Greece and kitesurfing are here to stay.

Greece is one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding since the wind is blowing more than 250 days per year with temperatures above 23 C. 

In order to start kitesurfing you need to take some lessons and when you feel comfy enough with the kite attached on you, to purchase your equipment.

The western part of Greece and especially Patraikos and Korinthiakos Gulf are ideal for kiteboarding because of the frequent wind – almost every day.

With more than 10 kite-spots around Patra and Aigio Kiteboardingschool is offering the best condition for a memorable experience. Drepano, Mavri miti, Aliki, Nikoleika, Digeliotika are some of the spots where we are kiting.

Moreover an amazing Lagoon at Makinia with an outside reef it’s going to provide clear and calm water for you to train with west winds.

Our proposal is to follow us on a 2 or 3-day camp to this region of Greece and complete your training and learn to fly with safety.

If you are already a kiteboarder you can come with us on a kite safari around the best kite spots mainland has to offer. If you don’t have the equipment you can rent or buy from us.

The days without wind we are doing SUP, Wakeboard, and cruise around the Gulf with inflatable speedboats.

Only half an hour from our beaches the beautiful mountain of Helmos (2.400 m ) is offering amazing places for hiking, cycling, mountain bike, paraglide, paramotor, enduro and of course ski, snowboard in winter at the Ski Resort of Kalavrita.

In Autumn we usually snowkite in the morning and in 30 minutes distance we are kiting in the sea with 20 C!

There are only a few places in the world you can do and combine these activities, so we would more the glad to show you around.

If you are interested in adventures like these don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kiteboardingschool is a group of experienced instructors who have devoted their lives to the sea and their favorite spot of kiteboarding.

All our knowledge of teaching and our expertise on kitesurfing pass through our lessons to the students, making the process of learning easy and fun.

We spend a lot of hours trying to make students feel safe practicing kiteboarding. 

All of our instructors are certified from IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and most of them are certified lifeguards from the Greek authorities. At the moment we are teaching kitesurfing in Athens, Patra, Aigio, and Nafpaktos.

You can start with an Intro in kiteboarding, where you will learn more things about the kite and have fun flying small training kites with safety or you follow us on a 2-3 days kite camp from March to November.

The places where we are active are:

  • Drepano Rio Achaia (38°20’20.36″Β, 21°50’57.98″Α)
  • Digeliotika Aegio (38°15’23.06″Β, 22° 7’25.93″Α),
  • Aegio Nikoleika (38°13’26.14″Β, 22° 8’50.36″Α)
  • Aegio Tripia (38°12’13.54″Β, 22°11’19.17″Α)
  • Antirio (38°19’55.17″Β, 21°45’19.50″Α)
  • Nafpaktos (38°22’4.45″Β, 21°52’40.07″Α)
  • Athens Oropos (38°19’57.22″Β, 23°46’40.02″Α)
  • Athens Schoinias (38° 8’34.38″Β, 24° 3’3.86″Α)
  • Athens Loutsa (37°58’42.84″Β, 24° 0’33.23″Α)

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