Kayaking Greece and Greek Islands

If you are really into kayaking then you need to kayak Greece. The food there is varied and delicious, the evenings are balmy, and the seas are warm. Not only is Greece chock-full of hidden kayaking gems, it is steeped in history, mythology, and art. There’s a lot to do in between kayaking trips.

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The island of Skopelos is ideal for those looking for a real kayaking adventure. It has sea caves, hidden beaches, tunnels, and stunning cliffs. Skopelos is surrounded by many smaller islands, which are homes to all kinds of sea birds. Kayakers often get visited by a pod of dolphins that makes the area their home. Sometimes whales even swim past the island. Seals and sea turtles can be found everywhere.

The island of Milos is a volcanic wonder. Ancient volcanic activity has left the coast of the island riddled with caves, tunnels, and arches. Some of the rock formations off the coast are amongst the most stunning in the world. The crystal-clear waters are also ideal for snorkeling.

Naxos island is a wonder. The houses are all built together so that the entire village is part of one giant structure. The streets are a maze that leads to an ancient Roman fortress in the center. The waters around Naxos are as warm as bath water, and colored like gemstones. Kayakers can explore all around the island, with its hidden beaches and rock formations, in a day.

The Ionian islands are ideal for extended, multi-day explorations. The sea is warm and calm, and almost always has perfect kayaking weather. You can paddle down the west coast of Kefalonia and Ithaca for days, staying nights in picturesque historical inns and spending days exploring sea caves and rock formations. The west coast of Kefalonia features Myrtos Bay, the most photographed beach in Greece. Assos village has fantastic cliffs and an ancient fortress. Fiskardo is an historic village that is unlike anything else in the country. Phoki Bay holds a maze of sea caves and tunnels, the remains of an abandoned limestone mine.

Explore Sea Kayaking in many locations of Greece

Santorini holds some unique geological and historic wonders for kayakers. In ancient times this volcanic island erupted, destroying the majority of the island and leaving a lagoon in its place. This eruption completely destroyed the civilization that existed on the island at the time, and some people believe that this island was the basis for the legend of Atlantis. Kayakers can paddle right over the mouth of the volcano, and the remains of the ancient city that was destroyed by it. The island has also, against all odds, produced a world-famous dessert wine from the arid soil, which visitors should be sure not to miss.

Crete has a lot to offer the kayaker who is interested in history and mythology. The island is covered in the ruins of the ancient Minoan civilization. The town of Knossos boasts the Minoan palace that is linked with the legend of the Minotaur. The nearby beaches offer unparalleled views, especially around sunset.

Halkidiki (or Chalkidiki) has also amazing beaches and locations for sea kayak.

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Greece has much to offer the kayaking enthusiast. There is so much to see and do that it could not possibly all be booked into one vacation. Whether you are a beginning kayaker looking for an easy trip or an old hand looking for a challenge, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more in Greece.

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