Katafiki Cavern Kythnos Greece

The Katafiki Cavern is located at Kythnos, one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades. Kythnos has 2 villages. One is Chora and is the capital of the island and the other is Driopida where the Katafiki Cavern is located.

The cavern took its name from the fact that its habitants used it as a refugee from the raids of various attackers during its history. The Katafiki cavern was created by an underground torrent, thousands of years ago and was used as a mine to dig out iron. In its interior there are stalactites and stalagmites and many galleries which provide a very impressive view and experience. You can visit it only during summer and there is an organized tour every 40 minutes by the person responsible for the place.

When your visit at the cavern is completed you can enjoy your bath in one of the many clean beaches of the island, like Loutra which also have thermal springs. The most known and impressive beach is Kolona where a strip of sand cuts the see in half. The road to that place gets a bit ugly after some point and it shifts from an asphalt to a narrow dirt road.

We advise you not to leave the island before you try the magnificent and tasty almond delicacies, as well as the local honey. Kythnos is connected by boat with the port of Lavrio and that of Piraeus. From both it’s approximately a 2 hour trip.

You definitely need to visit this beautiful Cycladic Island with friendly people and beautiful beaches.

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