Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon Greece

Our activities tour at Karpenisi area continues. After doing the Via Ferrata canyon, we visited the famous Panta Vrexei canyon (or Panta Vrehei). We have heard lots of things about the beauty of this canyon but reality was much better (as always in Greece).

This is a canyon where you can cross it after the end of May. Karpenisi receives lots of rain. You can tell that by seeing how green everything is there. Thick forests cover all mountains of the area. In summer everything is splashing green.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon
At one of the entry points

Panta Vrexei canyon is mostly famous for a specific part where water falling from high, creates small to big waterfalls. Yet, the whole canyon is awesome. At some places due to the height of canyon walls, it looks like it is raining. Add height of water pouring down, along with the fact that the are has lots of rivers and such and you have: Panta Vrexei. This phrase means: Always Rains.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon
Discussing some details

Our guide through the canyon was Yiannis from Trekking Hellas Evrytania division, and in our team was also Sofia Flegka from Lecadin Hotel, Karpenisi.

Let’s freshen up…

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon
Getting a bit wet. Water was cold but not freezing

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

Most of the part of the route is done through water. That is very refreshing but the water si cold, so -as you see- we are all wearing neopren wetsuits to protect us from having frozen feet.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

However… the temptation to dive as much as possible was something we easily succumb at.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

Hiking through Panta Vrexei canyon provides lots of scenery changes. At every “corner” the whole “picture” changes.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

You may think you are important and big but -trust us- walking with these gigantic rocks over your head really makes you feel small, but part of the nature at the same time.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

People must learn that are part of the nature. Here Yiannis located a small reptile and explained to us how not harmful this was. Yet many people cannot tell the difference and usually they attack any reptile as dangerous.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

Here is a waterfall where I was called to stay under it as much as I could. I tried. I think I didn’t stay more than 1 minute. Water was pounding on my head. Cold was tolerable, but cold with water falling on top of my head with such speed was like frozen bullets trying to cut through. I carried the feeling all the way back too.

Feel free to give it a try… Trust me… It is not like “shower”.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

The Panta Vrexei exact spot

After walking, stopping to admire the environment and while Yiannis explained us about the plantation and animals that live inside the canyon, we finally arrived at “the spot”.

We don’t think we could fit the magnificent place in just one frame. It is majestic just to even look at it…

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

I tried to stand under that waterfall too. Wrong idea…. Here is Maria sitting just outside the main core of the waterfall. See the “pain”…

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonShe tried different places to stand. I think she found that one comfy enough.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

We spent quite some time there, and then we decided -not easily- to return to our base.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

Along our way, we learned that this canyon is the ending point for other canyons too. Some of them receive very little sun and the water is extremely cold, and special wetsuit and equipment is needed.

For example this one. Apart from the cold water, imagine a cold draft exiting this point. The temperature dropped a lot by just entering a couple of meters in that.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei CanyonKarpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

OK, we wouldn’t try that while dressed lightly.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

Somebody is very happy… Different part of our way back.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

And there we were… Yiannis located another water snake. That was also harmless. I had never touched a snake before. The feeling was not of either fear or awkwardness. I looked at this baby snake eyes and after letting him/her roll around my fingers a bit, it felt like the snake was feeling comfortable too.

You can see the excitement in they eyes of Sofia too.

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon

We need to tell that this was another amazing experience. Not only because of the beautiful scenery but also because of our co-hosts willingness to communicate the beauty of the nature around us.

This is something that people here actually live everyday. There is even a summer camp for kids, at the top of one of the mountains (run by Trekking Hellas Evrytania) which has a program full of daily outdoors/adventure activities. We never heard about such before and we find it an excellent idea.

We hope you enjoyed this article about our experience there. Stand by for more from this trip, as Karpenisi and Evrytania is not just canyons like Panta Vrexei and Via Ferrata. There are more to experience.

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