Jungle Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions When They See Their Reflections For The First Time

It started like this… A French photographer had this idea to see how jungle animals would react seeing their reflection in mirrors.

Wild and strong and proud these jungle animals were. But what will happen when they will come face to face with… themselves. Who would prevail indeed? The self or… the other self? Perhaps these were also some of the French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre. So, he went to Gabon (Africa) to actuall find out.

Xavier Hubert Brierre set a number of large mirrors along some animal walking paths.

Many strong and stunning jungle animals walked by, like Chimps, Jaguars, Gorillas, Tapirs and Baboons to name a few. Their reactions varied. Some were acting funny (at least this is what it looked like to us watching the video), while others were attacking the mirrors (aka, themselves).

Mr Brierre said:

“I had to wash the mirrors on which leopards and monkeys left greasy streaks. Myself and my wife spent many long days at the site, often being attacked by different types of flies and bees”.

My opinion is that the most hilarious behavior from these jungle animals comes from chimpanzees. They actually used the mirrors to groom themselves. Well, if they had a selfie stick they might as well have taken some selfies! Do you know what this means? That they actually realized they were looking at themselves and not thinking that it was “someone else”

Check them all out in this video! It is very funny!

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