Ha Canyon Crete Greece

Ha Canyon in Crete is a particularly beautiful, imposing and narrow canyon which has a very important place among the canyons of Crete and all other canyons and Greece.

It is located on an active rift, has 26 technical descents. Its walls are 200-300 meters high, vertically standing and evoke awe in many points.

The best period to descent is during Spring time, while at Summer it has still waters. The rock type is mostly squamous limestone. The canyon is also a refuge for many birds and is one of the top ten canyons in Europe.

Near its end the impressive waterfall of Mastoras pours out, from the height of 215 meters. We need to note that the canyon has no escape exits.

Photos below are from March 6th 2011, after heavy rainfalls. At the same time the canyons of Portala and Arvi were quite forbidden for descent.

—Article provided by Zacharis Aristeidis. Check the website and Facebook page (Greek only) below.

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  1. Thank for sharing your experience ! I was looking for information about canyoning in Greece. We do the same activity in the Verdon gorges, in one day you come in France … Thanks for the informations.

  2. That is a very interesting insight. Thanks a lot. We’ve been in France a few times but not for canyoning before. Great idea.

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