Travel Tips For Greece 2021

Greece is one of the most affordable locations in the world! Greece not only offers spectacular landscapes & sunsets, beautiful blue beaches, unique island and mainland architecture & mouth drooling food.

It is one of the most popular destinations for summer time in Europe. People from all over the world go to Greece for the bright sun, the relaxed way of life and find out history itself.

The country is warm (10 months out of 12), with delicious food, really low prices in 99% of accommodations.

When it comes to activities it offers a huge range of water, air, mountain ones. If your friends tell you “you should visit Greece”, then you must.

It is not by chance that many Europeans buy property in Greece so to have a permanent base for summer.

If Greek islands are famous to your ears, wait until you explore the mainland. Luscious forests and lakes and rivers.

It is a great place for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, canyoning, rock climbing, sea kayak and white water rafting and so much more.

Survival Travel Tips for Greece

Driving: Greeks drive mostly like Italians. If you are not accustomed to city driving, better use public transportation.

Unless a strike is in place, transportation in Athens is really good (bus, metro, subway, tram).

Outside of big cities, less means are available (local taxi, bus). Taxi is far cheaper than any other European country.

Waking around: Many Greeks are not used to stop in passenger lanes.

So when you step your foot down from a sidewalk, car drivers may not stop in all cases.

This may become worst in villages or islands.

In case you hike and need some extra gear there are lots of stores in big cities to get such immediately (or for any other kind of activity).

Health (and) emergencies: There are public and private hospitals.

Doctors & nurses in public ones carry lots of experience, but you may encounter lots of crowds or/and not so good conditions in some cases.

Pharmacies work during business hours and only a small fraction is open in weekends.

In any cases make sure you have travel insurance especially when you participate in sports & activities during your vacations.

Greek habits: Greeks tend to eat late at night. The vast majority doesn’t stop for 1 hour lunches.

Coffee houses may -for example- close at 19:00 in Copenhagen but that is still coffee time in Greece. You can get a beer almost any time of the day.

Greeks use horns a lot while driving. In villages things move far less faster so get used to that. It is part of Greeks way of living life.

Not the same happens in cities though. In many villages don’t be surprised if they give you a treat.

It is called “kerasma” and Greeks are usually large with guests & foreigners (even know in crisis days).

All are available in Greece

You can find anything in Greece. No worries. In the only case, you need some special medicine just bring that.

Power is 200V just in case you need an adaptor (you can also find such in Greece). Credit cards, ATM’s, etc are largely available.

Make sure to carry cash. Personal checks don’t work so much in Greece.

No need to speak Greek!

English is the popular language (except Greek of course). Greeks are in their majority friendly and eager to help you with directions. Be kind. Ask for help. Like Italians, Greeks use hands/gestures a lot when they talk.

Is it the safest country in the world?

Greece is a very safe country, for tourists and locals. There is no special prohibition against women. Act with comfort and just keep an eye for any rare incidents of pickpockets. If you go for trekking make sure you know your way around or hire a guide. Drink lots of water.

All foods available

Big cities host a huge variety of cuisine varieties. In villages you have far fewer international options but local food is plenty. Prices are really low when compared to other European countries in all groceries, water, dining. Don’t leave the country without trying “gyros”.

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