Fly with Lixouri Paramotor in Kefalonia Greece

Does it thrill you knowing that you can fly like a bird?

If you are in Kefalonia, you will have the chance to live this unique experience. Fly with Lixouri paramotor (a paramotor is a motorized paraglider) and admire the landscape and the beauties of this amazing island from above.

If your destination is Kefalonia then you have indeed decided to visit a unique island. You will enjoy a very strong experience by getting familiar with the island from above, flying with a paramotor.  We mostly fly over Lixouri, and over the beaches of Paliki, when weather permits. Of course, we can also fly over other magnificent areas of Kefalonia, like Myrtos, Scala and more.

Paramotor gives the opportunity to people of any age, to experience what people want from ancient times; to fly free like a bird. It still remains one of the safest sports and it brings along a variety of new knowledge for doer’s, like meteorology, plus the most important factor: to come even closer to nature and its benefits.

You definitely need to try it once and you need to do this in Kefalonia!

— Article provided by Lixouri Paramotor. Contact the organizer through: +306970802861 and their contact data below.

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  1. Hello! We are planning a trip to Kefalonia 24.08-25.08.16 How to book jumps from paraglider and how much does it cost?

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