Reviewing Decathlon Trekking Gear & Mountaineering Karpenisi Greece

I think most of our readers who are interested in hiking, trekking and mountaineering have heard of Decathlon, right? The company is one of the top sellers for sports...

Karpenisi Greece Villages for Beauty and Great Food 2020

We wouldn't wrap up our articles for Karpenisi Greece (seen here and here) without a great referral to some of its magnificent villages. Karpenisi is an ideal...

Karpenisi Panta Vrexei Canyon Best in Greece 2020

Our activities tour at the Karpenisi area continues. After doing the Via Ferrata canyon, we visited the famous Panta Vrexei canyon (or Panta Vrehei).

Canyoning Adventure at Via Ferrata Karpenisi Greece

Via Ferrata route at Karpenisi has it all. Forests, rivers, canyons, climbing and terrific scenery. We have never been at the area of Evrytania before. This time we were...
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