Drama Greece Paragliding

At the prefecture of Drama (which means “sping water”), Greece there is a variety of options for paragliding. There is a number of areas to flight and take off, easily accessible and with ideal flight conditions. Some of them are very close to town. You can be at most of them in 10 to 60 minutes.

Taking off from the foothills of Falakro Mountain (the place is called Kedros, located 20km away from the city of Drama, next to village of Petrousa), is worldwide famous due to the world cup games of 2010. The area is ideal for taking off, for haul flights as well for recreation flights. It’s easy to access and quite comfortable regarding the landing procedure.

Next to the city of Drama there is a hill of about 400m height, where conditions allow flights almost  all year around. Again, it is easy to access and with comfortable takeoff and landing conditions.

At the district area of Doxato Drama, over the village Kefalari, there is another area for takeoff at the height of 600m, with a great view to the sea, to Kavala and to Paggaio Mountain, as well as to Mount Athos. It’s easy to access and easy landing conditions from October to April.

At the big mountains of Falakro and Paggaio, flights can take place after an accurate weather prediction and usually from September to March. Areas for flights include ski slopes at the Falakro Ski Center offering a great view at the surrounding area.

What you can experience at Drama Greece

All over the Drama Greece area, there are locations with massive forests and unparalleled natural beauty, as well as areas with virgin forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and caverns! All these areas are easy to visit and they have comfortable accommodation and guest houses.

The sea consists of beautiful beaches at the area of Kavala (40km from Drama), which are clean with sandy beaches and a great view towards the island of Thassos and Mount Athos. You can visit these during summer time.

The advantage of the Prefecture of Drama is its geographical location. It is located at the center of a combination of huge mountains and wonderful beaches and very close to urban centers like the city of Thessaloniki (140km), the airport of Kavala (60km). The climate is soft all year around and the area consists of unique nature monuments.

The entire experience make Drama, Greece a unique place, which anyone can visit all year around and experience its beauty, swim in the sea and climb to the mountains, as well as to fly with paragliding!

(Special thanks to Nick Tsenteme for his photos ).

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