Donkey Trekking Kefalonia Greece

Donkey Trekking Kefalonia is located in the heart of the village Grizata, close to the harbour city Sami, at the east coast of Kefalonia.

Get off the beaten path and discover the beauty of Kefalonia the traditional way. My well tempered and sure footed donkey ladies Grisella and Wiolätta will guide you. Enjoy amazing views over the bay of Sami, evergreen valleys of the area and dive into the history of Kefalonia. Water bottles, supplies and tired little legs will be carried by the donkeys.

Hiking with Grisella and Wiolätta is giving you the opportunity to learn more about the differences between horses and donkeys- its far more then just longer ears. Take your time to brush, pet and cuddle before we start our trip. Donkey Trekking Kefalonia offers Trekks for every age, no matter if you´re 2 years old or 99.

Trial lesson: 1 hour hiking through the surrounding area of Grizata. Walking along a river bed . Perfect for families!

Stone bridge tour: 1,5 hours. Walking along old donkey and mule paths to reach the old stone bridge. On the way you have the chance to explore ruins of old wheat mills which supplied the region with flour back in the older days. A Tour perfect for little Explorers!

Drogarati cave tour: 2,5 hours: Combine the donkey trekking with one of the main attractions on Kefalonia. The stalactite cave Drogarati. The Hike leads us straight to the cave. Take your time to explore the cave, have an ice cream or search for souvenirs. On our way back we´ll walk a long a riverbed using the old mill trail. ( Costs for the cave not included)

Ruin village tours: 2 or 3 hours: Together we´re taking old donkey and mule trails to hike up to the old villages in the mountains. Learn more about the life on Kefalonia before the devastating earthquake of 1953. Enjoy amazing views over tha bay of Sami and refresh yourselves at one of several natural springs.

Specials: Book a Greek picnic for your tour. Enjoy cream Feta cheese together with fresh bread and delicious olives from our olive trees. Fresh tomatoes (in the summer month out of our garden) together with self harvested oregano and refreshing homemade lemonade.

— Contact the organizers at: +30 698 005 96 30 or through their contact data below.

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