Scuba Dive Greece: Come and Dive

Have you ever wished you could just leave where you are, leaving all your worries and pressure behind? Many of us have, but have you ever wanted to leave this world for another? No not outer space, underwater. The world of Scuba Diving. This is a completely different, wonderful world that is just waiting for you to explore.

One of the most and thrilling places to scuba dive is all around Greece, the warm blue water is enticing and welcoming. One of the places to experiment the Big Blue is We Shall Sea Scuba Dive, founded in May of 2012 at Amorgos, Cyclades. This is a fully insured diving school, associated with the World Recreational Scuba Training Council. (R.S.T.C). They are associated with the recognized federations S.S.I, N.D.L, I.A.N.T.D, C.M.A.S and F.F.E.S.S.M.

Location of We Shall Sea Scuba Dive

There are several locations you can scuba dive, from at different times of the year. These sites are for all experience levels, and offer a wide range of activities.

Amorgos is the first location. The dive center is open from mid April to end October. There are the sites for discoveries, fun dives, and training for all schools and specialties. You will enjoy amazing sceneries, perfect visibility and great underwater wild life.

Koufonisi Cyclades is the second location, and is also open from April to October. This location is having new sites established around the island, come join the fun of being the first to explore. You may even be one to help the crews with the establishment of some sites.

Athens Attica is the third location, the crew is available to welcome you in low season on demand, to explore the most beautiful sites of the coast.


There is a wide and varied selection of services offered at We Shall Sea. There are offers for beginners, advanced and volunteers. The training is the most important service they offer. If you are a beginner, you will be thankful for this service. They have very highly trained instructors. An extended theory program on equipment and uses. The history of scuba diving, where it started and how it has advanced. The instruction of marine life around Greece has an interesting content, who knew all of these spectacular creatures lived here. The physiology is also interesting to hear. All of these services are offered via discussions, lectures and power point presentations.


The activities you can participate in are many and for different experience levels. You can experience shore or boat diving, night dives, deep dives… You can take digital photography and have a wonderful reminder of your trip. What about having the thrill of going treasure hunting, what could you find? One of the most fun activities when scuba diving is the free diving underwater games. The free scuba dive is also a chance for you to hone your new skills if you are a novice. They also offer an ocean preservation action activity, more fun than the name suggests. Learning about how to keep our waters in the same state we found them in is a lesson we can all benefit from.

The most important thing at We Shall Sea is for the client to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Contact the organizers at: +30 695 160 67 16, or through their contact data below.

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