Canyoning at Kallithea, Corinthia, Greece

A guest experience by Daphne Mavrommati. A Corinth adventurer.

After scuba diving, canyoning was a revelation of an altogether different order. I realized two things:
Firstly, that I get myself into small or big adventures far too thoughtlessly (and usually alone on top of that). Only when the security belt was tied around my waist and the security brief started (Fanis said: “If you don’t hold on to that rope you will die”) did it dawn on me that, what I was about to do might actually be dangerous and even life-threatening.

What was I thinking? Well, I wasn’t! As I usually don’t (sentimental adventures included)…

This strategy of non-thought in situations that (may) impact life tremendously, could be in need of some slight readjusting!

Secondly, I was very impressed by the much-repeated phrase “you must have confidence in your equipment” (when dangling off the rock face, 10 meters above rocks and water..). Extrapolating from this concept to life in general, I take it to mean that once you have prepared yourself well, in terms of equipment but also mentally, there is no longer any reason to worry. You can happily take a step into the void in the firm knowledge that all you risk is a great experience!

And a great experience it was! I must thank Tassos Andreou for this and remind you all that this wonderful thing took place less than a hour’s drive from our beautiful, cosy and… adventurous hotel, Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments , on the northern coast of the Peloponnese, in Greece of course!

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