Beginner Tips To Help You Conquer The Open Road By Bike

Few things compare to the simple pleasures of riding a bicycle, especially when travelling. It allows you to not only take in the fresh air, but to also explore nature while on the move. When traveling by bicycle, you experience the adrenaline rush of cruising through smooth roads and rough terrain in both rainy and sunny weather. This is why it tugs at the heartstrings of the traveler and the nature enthusiast. However, to get the most out of your travels, it is important to learn a few bike riding tips for beginners.

Spend some time cycling before your trip

One of the biggest complaints most bike travelers have is saddle sore. This is a condition that occurs on your buttocks due to ongoing chaffing or pressure from your saddle. You are more likely to suffer from saddle sore if you travel by bike after a long break from cycling. The best way to prevent this is to spend some time cycling before your scheduled trip. However, to be safe, it is also important to carry friction-fighting chamosis cream to use during your trip.

Learn the basics of bike maintenance

Before conquering the open roads on your own, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basics of maintaining a bike. You should know how to repair a puncture, how to change tubes, how to adjust brakes and derailleurs, and how to change chain links. The best part is that the bicycle is one of the simplest machines, and you can learn this basic knowledge in a few hours.

Get fit

Your fitness level before traveling on a bicycle depends on the terrain and the distance you wish to travel every day. Most people can ride a bike on level routes and smooth roads. However, you will need to be physically fit to ride your bicycle up a hill. Log a few cycling kilometers before your trip to build strength and stamina.

Research the weather patterns for your destination in advance

Cycling is quite an enjoyable exercise, but rough weather could put a damper on your experience. The best conditions for cycling are when it’s cool and sunny. Headwinds can make it harder for you to ride your bicycle, and rain or extreme heat could make the ride uncomfortable. If you wish to travel by bike, find out more about the weather conditions for your destination, and travel at a time when the weather is amiable.

Choose the right bike for your travels

The type of bike you choose depends on the type of terrain you’ll be cycling on. Touring bikes are all-rounders that provide stability on smooth roads and rough roads. If the terrain has a lot of hills and dirt, a mountain bike is your best bet. However, if you’ll be cycling strictly on the road, then simply get a road bike.

Make accommodation arrangements in advance

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt or a month-long bike tour, you need to make accommodation arrangements in advance. Depending on your budget and the purpose of your trip, you can choose between camping, hostels, or hotels.

Determine what to bring and how heavy a load to carry

When traveling by bike, some of the necessities include a helmet, strong trainers, lycra shorts, and gloves. Depending on your accommodation arrangements and the duration of your trip, you may need to carry some food and supplies. If your load is heavy, make sure your bicycle can support it. Take some practice rides with your load to determine if you can handle it.


If you take into consideration all the above factors, you’ll be more than ready to embark on your bike tour. Go with the flow and be prepared for the unexpected. Chances are, after your first bike tour, you’ll be hooked.

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Beginner Tips To Help You Conquer The Open Road By Bike

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