Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up [Infographic]

Want to learn more about the latest regarding your smartphone camera technology? Maria and I argue many times on which device to take on a trip (i.e. both smartphones and DSLR).

Most of the times our smartphone camera takes really good photos.

Our friends from Tehciespad created and shared a pretty detailed infographic.


Unless you’re a professional photographer, chances are that you’re using your smartphone to capture images and rightfully so.

After all, smartphone cameras are so deeply improved, that they give you no chance to complain.

Even if you don’t have a DSLR, a right smartphone with a right camera lets you click clear and crisp images with the benefits of portability, since a phone can easily slide into the pockets and readiness of capturing something just at the moment and saving it as well.

The companies, after taking cues from what users want, have been constantly innovating the smartphone cameras in order to suit the ever-evolving needs.

Last year, we’ve seen a fleet of innovations with the likes of iPhone 8, Note 8 and Google Pixel 2. In the given infographic, we’ll be discussing all that and more.

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Apple and smartphone cameras

Apple is often lauded as a trailblazer and its ‘8’ series goes on to prove why. As for iPhone 8, the HDR (High-Dynamic Range) has all the novelty the users required, combined with the BIS sensor.

This works by enabling you to capture clear, dynamic pictures; as big as life. iPhone 8 Plus is a bag of surprises too, donning a dual-lens camera with the Bokeh effect for DSLR-like images.

For those looking for more clarity, the Bokeh effect is the soft blur created for the out-of-focus parts of images, which improve the overall aesthetics of a picture.

Google and smartphone cameras

Google has merged the ease of Android with a well-supported photo processing feature, and the results turned out to be terrific for both Pixel and Pixel 2 handsets. With an aperture of f/1.8, Google Pixel is a name to bet on for more enticing and visibly clear pictures.

The Pixel 2 also strikes a ton for its camera arrangement that wins a DXO score of 96. This means, there’s no better phone than Pixel 2 for your videography gigs.

Samsung and smartphone cameras

Samsung is already a celebrated name in the market, and its latest offering Note 8 only speaks why. It’s a phone you can rely on when going outdoors in the night and looking to click images. It’s by far the best smartphone for low-light photography.

Asking, why? Well, you need to check out our infographic for that. 

As far as technology is concerned, a new day is always on the horizon.

We’re excited to see what new smartphone camera things are on their way to us, and which innovation will take us by the storm in the days ahead.

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