An Experience of A Cretan cycling tour

I have always loved cycling in a natural environment and I decided that I would like to try out a Cretan cycling tour holiday as I had heard that they had experienced guides and a support vehicle always there for the whole of the journey should anyone run into problems.

This suited me as I liked the idea of having a guide there with me for the duration of my cycling tour.

This experience was unlike any other as I came across the wonderful hospitality of the local people and I pleasantly surprised that I was able to choose the route that I wanted.

I’ve always wanted to travel through Crete and discover all the unknown parts of this beautiful country and now I had the opportunity, I jumped at the chance.

I decided to go with a small cycling tour of 8 people as I wanted to get to know them all properly.

I had been meaning to do this a couple of years but something always cropped up and I never got around to doing this, but this time I was determined to go.

I soon made friends with all of the cyclists, and we decided to stop off every couple of hours and have some refreshments and a look around the little villages that were dotted along the hillside.

I found the routes that we took were perfect and showed us a part of Crete that we wouldn’t normally have seen.

Crete has so much to offer from canyons that lead to secret little beaches and thick forests along with lakes and waterfalls. I really felt spoilt for choice as there were so many different things to experience.

Crete is so diverse and the people are very friendly there that you feel at home right from the start of the cycling tour.

I remember feeling the warmth on my shoulders and the breeze on my face as I cycled along the winding paths and sampled the hospitality of the locals.

I also wanted to take some time out from cycling to explore the countless hidden treasures of Crete.

In the evening when the cycling was finished we all dined out with the locals and had a good time.

About Crete

Crete is the 5th biggest Island, which lies in the southern part of Europe.

It is a very popular island and has the old and ancient alongside the new.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cycling tour as it gave me a freedom that I’ve never experienced before.

There was so much to take it and enjoy that I was never bored. Every day was a new experience and Cretan cycling suited me so much that I intend to go back again and again.

Nothing beats the views that I experienced as I cycled along the long and winding roads and this experience was unlike any other.

I made some wonderful new friends and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the tour.

This Greek adventure left me enchanted with this wonderful island in the sun.

The team that provided this is Cretan Sports Cycling. You can contact them through +30 2810360768, or through their contact data.

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