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On the west coast of Greece, between the city of Preveza and Actio, we meet the entrance to Amvrakikos Bay.

It is a closed part of the sea that “wets” the Prefectures of Preveza, Arta, and AetoloAcarnania. This bay entrance is one of the biggest and most exciting.

The bay shares borders with the Ionian Sea but it doesn’t share the same blue and green beaches and cosmopolitan resorts.

However, it is an area of rare natural beauty and one of the most important ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

Two rivers pour their water into Amvrakikos bay. It has 20 lagoons and the greatest reed area in the Balkans.

Amvrakikos bay is a mosaic of wetlands with rich biodiversity, 300 species of birds, a permanent residence for the Dalmatian pelicans and has rare and endemic species of animals and plantation.

It also provides the largest nutritional field for Caretta caretta sea turtles and is the permanent residence for more than 120 bottlenose dolphins.

Amvrakikos Bay is protected by the Ramsar area, as a wetland of international importance, a Wild Life Refuge, an important area for birds and a National Park (since 2008).

Cruising in Amvrakikos Bay

This hidden paradise is revealed during a whole day cruise, on a traditional wooden boat that starts from the port of Preveza.

There, at the harbor, a first surprise comes….

A Caretta caretta sea turtle dives next to our boat. This turtle is a permanent residence at the harbor.

As we sail deeper into the bay, the friendly and scientifically educated crew will introduce us to that place and explain to us how its rich natural environment defined its history.

We find out about “daliani” and the famous fish ore, the pens, and the “strange” trip of eels, the oyster beaches and the unique lagoon that exists on an island, in Europe!

During our tour, we will meet more Caretta caretta turtles and Dalmatian pelicans.

These are amazingly beautiful birds where their wings deployment can reach a length of 3 meters.

The surprise can be even bigger when we see the dolphins. These are magnificent mammals.

They are free, joyful and playful and demonstrate lots of activity at the ship bow.

The population of the dolphins is 120 individuals and they permanently live at the bay in a rather isolated way, which defines them as an important one at European level.

We have all the time to get familiar with the dolphins, to observe them and take photos of them!

After that, as our last stop, we will be transferred to the greenest south part of the bay in order to swim and enjoy local delicacies at the surrounding beachfront taverns!

Finally, we will return to the port of Preveza full of beautiful pictures and emotions and a big amount of new knowledge! We just experienced fun and educational experience, suitable for all ages!

Other hidden treasures like Amvrakikos Bay

Amvrakikos Bay is only one of the hidden treasures of the area.

In the surrounding areas, there are unique sceneries like the springs and estuaries of Acheron river, the Ziros lake, Kokkinopilos, the waterfalls of Vonitsa.

These areas are ideal for walking, kayak, bird-watching, and observing and taking photos of nature.

Along the coastline, you will be able to enjoy the crystal clear Ionian beaches or secluded small bays with many ideal locations for snorkeling, sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, Stand-up Paddling.

The history of the area is deployed through archaeological monuments, museums, monasteries, and castles.

There are many places you can visit like the ancient Nikopolis, the ancient Efira & the Necromancy, the ancient Kassiopi, the Roman Aqueduct, the monument at Zalogos, and more.

Of course, do not neglect to try the local delicacies like the mullet, the fish roe, the oysters and the Amvrakikos shrimps.

Amvrakikos bay will be just the beginning of an am amazing experience.

Contact the organizers through +306973395839, +306975067399.

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